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Game has gone very slow since the update 1.40


The game has suddenly gone very slow as be be virtually uplayable. The option to switch off hardware acceleration button has dissapeared.


Hi Jakeblocker, welcome to the forums!

As of the update to 1.40, the new Hardware Acceleration engine has been enabled for all players. Can you please reply to this thread with your system information (go to your settings menu, About tab and you can use the button at the bottom to copy this information) and we can maybe make some suggestions?


i said that it would hinder alot of peoples ability to play. a third of my guild are having exact same trouble.


In these cases, please could you begin always by clearing your browser's cache, and then by trying an alternate browser. The browsers we recommend would be Chrome and Waterfox (if you are running a 64 bit machine) or Firefox.


I would also recommend you have the latest version of flash.

Lots of other factors of course i.e. type of GPU, or if it's dropped back to software emulation and your PC/Laptop isn't of decent specification (low mem, celeron processor etc)


I am having the same problem, before the update I had the HA switched off. Have tried Chrome, Opera, Waterfox.


Here we go again!! Some people just don't get it!
What ever is the matter, why don't they leave that switch alone????


The only solution I have found so far is to right click on the settings button, then choose the Browsers "Settings" and a small white options box appear, there the Hardware Acceleration can be toggled on/off.

The only problem with this is that it related to the Browser, meaning the setting is Defaulted when/if cache, cookies and similar storage are cleaned.

Why the HA switch ingame settings had to go I have no idea.


Thank for advice I try it and see if it helps, one more thank for useful advice better then from support.


As this is a performance issue and not a bug, I will move this to archive.