FREEDOM - Looking For Members


FREEDOM is what we bellow.

Once a top 50 guild, now re-motivated and looking to restore some of its past glories.

We are looking for new and experienced members.

GE opened to level 4,
No GVG (for the time being),
Active trades,
Help Each Other

And most importantly, have fun.

Contact, Slick3r23, Gavin the Gran, Riniko or Rojer for more information.


Re-launch of FREEDOM has now taken place.

Yesterday we feasted on haggis, neeps and tatties, while swigging back the finest of ale and top quality scotch.

LittleBigCannonFodder had a little bit too mch of the whisky and was last seen running out the town hall doors, with his kilt in the air, shouting "Come and get your FREEDOM".

Dead wood has now been cleared from the guild, and the last GE saw us finish with our highest % in 2 years. A great start to a fresh beginning and we would like you to be part of it.

Contact Slick3r23, Gavin The Grand, Riniko or Rojer for more information.