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Founders able to delete messages in Guild threads


Morning i have an idea it may already have been suggested , I have alot of trouble in our Guild with people writing all over threads they shouldnt. Wouldnt it be great if the founders could delete these messages , so your threads could keep rolling intstead of getting lost amongest the chatty ..

WE do have seperate threads but one or 2 are for just 1 thing ..its a constant battle keeping people from chatting on them ..



Yep and when a thread changes and you have to ask all guild members to delete it...this would save all of those shennanigans as well


There is only one guild thread (the one on top). I could accept if founders were able to delete a message from there.

But all other threads are simple mass mails after the guild members were added. So if, the right to delete would have to be with the group admin. And I would not like that he/she could simply delete messages in a thread. Especially since there are some of this kind, which are definitely not guild threads.

so in sum -1 from me

And the admin of the thread can already delete every member from it.


You are already able to delete everyone from a thread if you have rights on that message


Problem is, Guild threads are not different to any other mail with more than 2 participants. So the power to delete would have to be given to the mail admin. And there are see plenty of abuses possible.
One can avoid being a member of a guild with an untrustworthy founder, but you can not avoid being included in mass mails (and sometimes that is useful to be included). And than you will with every new mail never know how the mail admin is going to use his right to delete. Will he abuse it or not?
No, I dislike the idea.

You will have to talk to your members of the guild, with time, most of them will probably learn not to chat on all threads.