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Not a Bug: FoE very tough on the Hardware


I have two computers:
- Laptop with an Intel Pentium Dual-Core CPU T4300 @ 2.10 GHz and 4 GB Ram, Windows 7 @ 32 bit
- PC with an AMD Athlon II X4 640 CPU @ 3.00 GHz and 8 GB Ram, Windows 7 @ 64 bit

Both machines are very silent (I love that!), but as soon as I fire up FoE, after a few minutes CPU temperatures rise from about 39 degrees C to ~55 degrees C and the fans start running, thus making noise (I hate that!). FoE is the only app I use on my PC that heats up the machines, not even playback of HD movies comes close.

IMHO, it's not a graphics card issue as it's only the CPU that gets hot.
Is there anything I can tweak in Adobe's flash player to get the temperatures down or is this down to the coding of the game?
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why cant I add more text?
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meh, you can't use the "degree" symbol (that small zero located left of the 1 on a QWERTZ layout keyboard) in this forum.......


Like for me i play with mozilla firefox when i launch the game my process start at 100 000K after one hour connected it up to 1.000.000K and takes nearly 2g of ram, ( i have an acer aspire 7750G) so i refresh sometimes the game to avoid that.
(saw that yesterday but was thinking it comes from my computer)
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Due to the graphics the adobe flash player uses a high amount of CPU. We may try to optimize this in the future, but currently this issue is simply a part of playing FoE.