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Existing feature automation (click reductions)

Xeon of Camelot

Second Lieutenant
One of the best FOE features Inno has introduced this year is the scrolling of production buildings (without the zoom) saving players thousands of clicks!
So why not extend it to other parts of the game like auto-scrolling of friends, neighbours or guild members with a multiple aid and tavern visit combined click.

I'm sure many of you enjoy clicking through features but some of them can be very manual requiring many clicks.

So before you all say it's always been that way, is there anything else you would like to see automated?


Think xeon means so instead of having to click on each name etc it scrolls from aid to aid so you would still have to manually aid but the flow would be much better and reduce clicks, assuming then you could click someones tavern and do that after, it's not the worst idea and still wouldnt be auto.


Have wished/expected very much to get auto collect on one building in the city. Yes only one building, didn't want anywhere else.

Building is "Town hall".

Wanted the city town hall active in the game all the time without any hold or freeze. It shouldn't wait for the players to do the collection ( even if it has lots of emissaries). It will disturb some quests for sure, but it is players responsibility to make the quest get completed. Also, next day same quest will get completed by auto collect if it depends on the town hall.

Only problem like when players not coming online also, auto collect in the game will make them rich in the city with that building in the same age. Close to hit the DNS, but still having one building in the city with auto collect is not a bad choice.

PeePee Pleb

Agreed that aiding/tavern sitting is very frustrating, especially when you are in a big guild + you have lot of friends, but the game should't be turned into something like an idle miner game. We already have "hack n' slash" style collecting, "Collect all" and some similar features, but we shouldn't go into a true automated form.
Remember that something similar has been discussed a lot not so long ago, so I'm in favor of just minor automations, but going too far would definitely ruin the point of the game.