Do you have a HOF? (Hall of Fame)


Master Corporal
I have set up a new guild for those players who want the benefit of an advancing guild level without really being in a guild therefore it will be kept small.

- no pol/mot requirements
- no real gvg although feel free to ghost as you wish with full admin rights to place sieges
- favourable trading between members
- mainly building the guild level via contributions to power from the HOF of guild members

The only requirement is you must have a HOF.
I will send you an invite so if you want to come and join you can - just mail me


Hello both RitzyD and mrbeef,

I am a member of the guild 'anguis imperatores' - it match all points RitzyD mentioned.
We have about 60 members and about 10 with HoF.

What do you think to join our guild?
I will send invitations to both of you. I hope you decide to join us :-)

Have a nice day!