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As much as I enjoy Forge of Empires it is becoming more and more frustrating at the apparent demand to use diamonds. I appreciate Inno don't 'force' us to purchase them, but they certainly try.... it becomes annoying when trying to complete negotiations when being placed in a situation where you have run out of options you are obliged to eat into the diamond store just so as not to give up and 'waste' all the goods ploughed into the negotiation.

Now we have been given yet another diamond-eater: The Viking Village..... I, for one, refuse to be pushed into purchasing diamonds - so I have to ask what will happen when the time limit runs out. Will we still be able to build our village, or will Thor's mighty hammer strike down and destroy it all?

I fully understand that Inno are a business, and and have to generate an income from somewhere - but can't they be looking at sponsorships [I wouldn't mind having a Maccers store in my village], rather than draining our bank balances?


  • When the time limit is passed in Viking settlements you just receive little less rewards
  • Diamonds are free when gathered from wishing wells wich can be built on another world
I've spent more diamonds than many cashpayers without ever buying.

I'm all for ads instead of the loading screen though.


if you don't want to do or try to the vikings vilage in full you can use it as a 25 FP generator that gives you 25 FP every around 30 hours you do first 5 quests then abandon setelment and restart 24 hours after
I am reluctant to abandon the village to start it again... seems such a waste of time and energy. I shall continue to play it as it is regardless if I don't gain any special rewards. I just hope that at the end of this time limit I can still continue to try and complete the village?
after 3rd time limit it deletes it's self so if your not finished by then , then no you can't you have to start all over again so IMO abandoning setelment after 1st 5 quests is the best option if you are not going to finish it