Forwarded: Diamond History

I would like access to my diamond transaction history

  • Yes, this might be helpful for me.

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  • No, I wouldn't ever need this.

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Players have the facility to access a list of their diamond transactions

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Suggested two years ago:

Recently, I logged in and saw I had a lot fewer diamonds than I had the day before. I was fairly sure that what must have happened was that I had accidentally spent some without realising, which seemed strange because I have the confirmation box switched on for it. To check what had happened, I had to contact support. If this was available to players it would provide them information without having to bother support with queries. Having this information could help identify how you had accidentally spent any to help prevent it happening again in the future.

Like a bank statement, it would provide a list of recent diamond transactions - where you have gained and spent diamonds. Diamonds are across worlds, so it would need to display for the players account, showing which world each tansaction happened in, but as this information is available to support, hopefully it would not be too difficult to represent that information in an acessible style.

Visual Aids:
Hopefully people can visualise what this would look like.

Purely provides information.

Abuse Prevention:
Purely provides information.

Provides a lof of a player's diamond transactions.


If you have the confirmation box switched on and you still unintentionally spend diamonds it is your own problem. Pay attention to what you do. Even if you can see what you did wrong, that would not change a thing. You would not get your diamonds back, so it is a total waste of devs time..

And no, I also do not want a log if I can turn it off.