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Cultural Settlements - Ancient Egypt

Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager

Join Queen Nefertiti in the glory of the 18th Egyptian Dynasty
Help her establish an city on the banks of the Nile and defend it from her enemies

The third of our Cultural Settlements starts on March 18th.​

Your goal with Egypt is to help Queen Nefertiti to grow a humble town into bustling metropolis worthy of the gods! Much like with the Vikings, and Feudal Japan, your job is to gather resources and build up a city outpost, using cultural goods along the way. However, Cultural Settlement Egypt comes with some significant twists! The gods are displeased with the heretical neighboring cities, and have tasked you to show your faith by defeating them in combat.
But whats this? An envoy directly from Egypt?! Watch the video to find out more...

New Feature - Battles!
On the outskirts of your village stands a magnificent Pyramid. Once unlocked, this serves as your entrypoint to the Siege Camp, a place not for the faint of heart! Just like Feudal Japan's Merchant, the Siege Camp is unlocked by completing the first few quests, but unlike Feudal Japan where the Merchant is optional, the Ancient Egypt Settlement cannot be completed without battling in the Siege Camp. You'll also receive 10 Egyptian units for completing quest number 3. Click on the Pyramid to start the fun!

The Siege Camp offers you the opportunity to fight with these new Egyptian Units against easy, normal or hard difficulty enemy leaders. Once per day, every empty slot will be filled with a random new enemy leader and their army. Defeat or dismiss hostile armies to free up slots:

Much like your main city, you can recruit 5 different unit types to aid you in your battles. Light, Fast, Heavy, Artillery and Ranged units are all an option to build your army with. You will start with Light, Artillery and Ranged units, and you can unlock the remaining 2 within the cultural advancements. The Egyptian units are:
  • Khopesh Fighter - Light unit trained in the Training Camp.
  • Mounted Camel Archer - Ranged unit trained in the Camel Barn.
  • Nubian Archers - Artillery unit trained in the Nubian Archery Range.
  • War Chariot - Fast unit trained in the Chariot Workshop.
  • War Elephant - Heavy unit trained in the Elephant Stables.
But whats it all for, you ask? These fights reward you with a new resource, Loot, which is used to produce Egypt's Cultural Goods, and in turn, advance your progress.

Egypt offers the following resources to aid your progress with this new cultural settlement:
  • Egyptians - These are equivalent to population in your main city. You need them to build certain buildings
  • Diplomacy - shows the amount of trust you gained among the Egyptians. This is needed to unlock new buildings from this culture.
  • Deben - Used to produce military units, as well unlock slots inside of military buildings. They are also used to build roads in the settlement, and can be collected from residential buildings as well as some Diplomacy buildings.
  • Loot - Gained from winning fights in the Siege Camp and is used to produce Cultural Goods.
  • Barley - Egyptian good which is produced in the Grain Farm
  • Pottery - Egyptian good which is produced in the Pottery
  • Flowers - Egyptian good which is produced in the Flower Farm
  • Sacrificial Offerings - Egyptian good which is produced in the Place of Prayer

If you collect enough resources, you're either able to unlock new buildings for the Egyptian Settlements or expansions. Also, please keep in mind that boosts from your city are not applied to Battles in this Settlement.

Be careful though, whenever you complete or abandon a settlement, all resources, including the expansions (also the premium ones), are reset.

As always, Impediments will restrict your building area making each settlement a puzzle! Buildings must be placed around impediments, as these can't be removed or moved. With each instance of a new Settlement the impediments will be rearranged, adding an extra layer of challenge to organizing the settlement. However, we've got something new for Egypt! Impediments can now be removed from your settlement, using Pickaxes. Pickaxes can be found by completing the Egyptian questline, or for Diamonds. Once you have a pickaxe, open build mode, and click on the impediment you want to remove, then select if you want to use Diamonds for the removal, or one of your stock from quests. Be careful, though, there are a limited number of pickaxes available both for purchase, and free in the questline.


Playing through the Cultural Settlements, you can obtain different rewards, which differ depending on how quickly you finish the Settlement as well as on the amount of times you have previously completed the settlement. Certain special rewards will be waiting for you in the first few completions

  • You get rewards of every solved quest
  • You get rewards for completed counter quests of the settlement questline
  • You get rewards for completing the whole Egyptian Settlement
  • You get additional rewards, depending on how fast you played through the Egyptian Settlement

Royal Bathhouse

The Royal Bathhouse will be granted to you, as one of the rewards for finishing the Cultural Settlement.​

The Royal Bathhouse is an upgradeable special building, which has 6 levels in total. Depending on it's level, it will grant the following:
  • Coins (varies with era)
  • Forge Points
  • Guild Treasury Goods
  • Random Units of your era (when motivated)

Ancient Obelisk

The Ancient Obelisk is a special building, which can be obtained as a reward for playing through the Egyptian Settlement.​

You can obtain Fragments for this building if you complete the Settlement within set time frames. Depending on how fast you go through the Settlement, you can get more or less Fragments of the Ancient Obelisk.

The Ancient Obelisk can be upgraded up to level 4. Depending on it's level, it will grant the following:
  • Coins (varies with era)
  • Defensive Bonus for your Attacking Army
  • Random Goods
  • Forge Points


Emissaries are honored persons who will come to your main city and can sit in your Town Hall to grant special bonuses.
Emissaries can be obtained as a reward for completing a Settlement. There are 4 Emissaries in total available in the Egyptian Settlement, which all give you a bonus.

There are:
Euclid of Alexandria
(1 Forge Point)​
(Supplies varied by era)​
(3 goods of your age)​
Maatkare Mutemhat
(2 units of your age)​

Let us know what you think about the Cultural Settlements and especially, Egypt! We're looking forward to your feedback! :)

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

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Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager
Hello Kings and Queens,

As you'll know, Cultural Settlements: Ancient Egypt was released on March 18th. On the morning of March 19th, we found that we had not enabled one of the secondary features which we had been testing on our Beta server, namely that you also receive daily Deben from your embassy. We enabled this to ensure the settlement is balanced as intended.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change.

Thank you,