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[CONTEST] - Contest Contest!

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Come and enter our

We want to hear your ideas for fun contests we can run on our Forum.
If you think you have a contest idea that would be fun and challenging for our Community, then we want to hear it! So give us your best contest ideas everyone. We can't wait to see what you come up with!
Our top 3 favorite ideas will win Diamonds and Forge Points, and we will do our best to implement them as soon as possible.
Just a few guidelines below:

  • Keep all content family friendly and appropriate for all ages.
  • Contest themes must be in some way related to our game.
  • Try not to present ideas that would be extremely difficult to run on our forum, difficult for our community to understand, or difficult to judge the results.
  • Contest winners will be voted on by our Support Team, and winners will be announced here.
  • Please do not post replies to other players contest ideas in this thread, they will be removed.
  • This contest will end on Tuesday, September 20, 2016.
Thank you for your time, and we look forward to seeing your submissions.
Good gaming all,
Your International Forge Team :)
A counting quest (1,2,3...n) where each incremented number must reference some historical event, movie or play depicting an event, or a historical date with the new number somewhere in it. Possibly each number referencing a battle of some kind for a greater difficulty.

ie. The Ninth Day - a German Historical Film

or the more difficult

The 9th Company - a movie about the Soviet 9th Company invasion of Afghanistan

Most correctly accepted answers from a single member wins
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"Guess a Kingdom"
Make a list of 20 random players from one world.
Make a text describtion of one of the listed players cities in few words. (can be a somewhat cryptic describtion)

First 3 Forum users to guess the right owner of the city wins something (if not anything else then the bragging rights).

Not only could it be fun but it forces the users to actually have to visit the cities.


Give a Guild a reward for 5 (or 10) consecutive Gold rewards in the Guild Expedition !!


Hello Friends I have an Idea , which will promote Guild championship And names of different guilds on the server whether they are highly ranked or Low ranked.

Name of the contest – Guess the Guild of your server???????

We have 14 worlds on en server so this contest will run for 14 days and there will be 14 winners, one winner from each day . The winner will be announced after the end of the Contest.


We will ask a same question to everyone

Question - This is a guild which has won 2 gold trophy and one silver trophy, Name the guild?
(All the questions will be in this manne for different worlds, different questions for different worlds in this manner)

First of all you have to answer this question, You will be allowed to give three names of the guild and their ranks which fall under this criteria, This part of contest will show how players are good in data collecting , I mean it will show their hardwork and knowledge.

There will be time Limit of one day for each world, Any player can answer whether he/she is active or not in that particular world

This question will be asked in each world - - - - in this manner

Day 1 – Arvahall

Day 2 – Brisgard

Day 3 – Cirgard

Day 4 - ………



Day 14 – O world

Once all the answers are collected and contest is over we will than release the next two clue on the winner announcing day in order to make this contest exciting . Actually we will already choose the winner guild on the day of competition of each world so their must be no change in any trophies or any name, we are giving these clues, just in order to make this exciting and like a finger crossed, I want to hear from the players that they were too close, wohoooooo, expressions like this

Other two clue will be (We will announce this befire announcing the Results)(This will be chosen randomly by our Contest organizers)

1.The first letter of this Guild’s name is E or any letter from Alphabet or any symbol depending upon the guild we want to choose

2.This guild is of 67 members or any number depending upon the selection

That’s why I have announced to give three options so that if no one is able to guess in their first option than we will check their second option and if more than one person’s option matches than we will decide the winner who has posted first.

We will already write down the name of the winner guild before you start posting your answers on that day so that there will be no change and we will be keep checking the name of the guild on that guild.

The winner must be awarded with some FPs that will motivate the players.

FIRE!!!!!!!!!!(From Jaims)
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My idea is fairly simple - for each day of the year, players must come up with the name of a historical figure that also ties into the game -

i.e 13th July, - Gauis Julius Caesar - Iron age


Apologies for the delay to our entrants.
As we had fewer entries than expected, and there were elements of each entry that we liked, we have decided to reward all of the entries.
Each of you has won 200 diamonds and 4 10-point FP packs.
Thank you very much for your participation, and look for a new contest coming this week :)
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