Brethren Needs you !


Guild Name:


Leader(s) of Guild:
Dskies, Errno, Brickout and Hizzi

Requirements to Join:
You will have to take part in the GE and we do expect that you help as much as you can regarding mot/pol and taking trades. We don't expect that you are a higher ranked king/queen, but it will ofc. Boost your chances if you are :)

Why you should join:
Brethren really wants you to feel like you are in good hands. We will do whatever we can to make you progress, feel good and give you the goods or knowledge to advance. In Brethren we have a good variety of knowledge, so you will always get the inspiration or answers you seek! We are quite active helping each other to lvl our GB's and we are taking part in the GE. In General we are quite active :)

We hope to hear from you guys soon ! :D
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