Blood Bath for GvG


I KNOW many GvG players finds peacetime quite boring, quite boring.

I wonder if all top guilds would agree to open up IA map as a free for all arena. Just a common understanding/agreement that there are No allies on this map, anyone can hit anyone at any given time. You open up the map and it's pretty much all covered with siege! You pick up a battle and jump in with your sword or none around your turf, you just create a siege and go! Whatever would work.
Internally each guild would have their own sets of rules on how to replenish IA goods, but I can totally see that ultimately every player enjoying the blood bath would certainly not mind to chip in. I may be wrong, but I don't know that IA brings that much guild points anyway does it?

I can totally see this working for a while then it would be impossible for players not to forge alliances again (I mean it's part of human nature) and it would be coming pretty close to what we already see anyway. This is the whole point of the game anyway. All would have to readjust and say hey, IA is the open arena, don't take this war outside to other map dude.

I dunno, maybe it is just foolish and cannot work, after all I am no warlord, I don't plan wars -I just fight, I have no brain only a sword.

But I know something, there are other players like that who would really enjoy an open map for a nice bloody bath!

I haven't had a bath in so long!