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Arctic Future Part 2


Dear Players!

Every new bit of information you gather in the Arctic suggests you're in the right place, but you're not there yet! You must progress even further into the harsh, frosty territories, but it will be worth it!

As you might remember, we are no longer progressing further in time, but rather exploring futuristic themes - with Arctic Future being the first one.
Your journey will continue from August 30th!

Arctic exploration is by now an important topic in the society of your city and you will soon notice that the new buildings are influenced by the Arctic culture slightly more than the ones that you already have in the city. This will become even more obvious as you venture further into the Arctic Future.

With the second part of the Arctic Future we are giving you:

  • 33 story quests that continue your journey in the Arctic
  • 10 campaign map provinces
  • 15 rejectable quests
  • +5 recurring quests, bumping the total to 20
  • 7 new technologies to research
  • 2 workshops (including 1 premium)
  • 1 Military building
  • 1 Culture building
  • 1 Residential building
  • 1 Decoration

When you first entered Arctic Future, you probably noticed a new structure outside of your city, on the shore. By now you know that this is a construction site for your new harbor.
It is now time for it to become functional!
To be able to send the ship to the Arctic, you first need to research the "Promethium Extraction" technology in the tech tree. Once you unlock the secrets of this technology, you will see that your engineers finished the construction.

You might ask... why would you want to send your citizens on such a dangerous mission in the first place?
The reason is in fact rather simple: to further advance your technological research, you need promethium!
Since promethium can not be traded on the market, the only way to procure this precious resource is to send your ship to the Arctic (you can also snatch small amounts on the campaign map, but that is a one-time loot). Your skilled crew will collect it for you!

In order to send your ship to the Arctic, you need to enter the Harbor, where you will see a new screen presenting the ship status:

As you can see, you get to choose who handles your precious ship on the voyage to the Arctic and back. Depending on your choices, the metrics visible right above the crew members (ship health, promethium volume and journey time) will change.

- Miners are great at digging up promethium deposits, so you can get more!
- Navigators will reduce the duration of your journeys.
- Sailors can help with both promethium gathering and ship speed.
- Engineers make sure that the ship takes less damage, but at the cost of speed.
- A Steersperson will speed up the ship, but their recklessness will damage it.
- A Storeperson expands the storerooms, but also causes damage.

The final crew depends on your choice. To hire crew members, click one of the + signs in the harbor:

You will then be presented with five potential crew members. There are a total of ten possible individuals with different skills and the five of them who are available for you are chosen randomly. You currently can hire three of them (which will be increased to four with the future improvements of the ship). They will of course demand a small remuneration in goods. Make your choice depending on your strategy and the current needs of your city.
When your ship returns from its journey, the available members will be randomized, meaning you typically will be able to choose different crew for each voyage.

You should also remember that every time your ship travels to the Arctic, it gets damaged and loses speed as well as promethium capacity. To see the current ship health, just open the second tab:

When your ship gets damaged, the status bar will indicate it accordingly. You can make necessary repairs when the ship is in the harbor which will cost you goods. But don't wait too long! The more damage the ship takes the slower it gets and less promethium can be taken on board. Of course the repair also gets more expensive!

We hope you enjoy this new functionality and the new content we prepared for you :).
Now that we're done with the basic functionality of the Harbor, we will be able to speed up releasing the remaining parts of the Arctic Future.
We'd love to hear from you, so make sure to leave your general feedback here and if you spot any bugs or issues, please report them here.

Thank you!
Your Forge of Empires Team