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Implemented: Add or remove players from email conversation

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Have an option to remove specific user(s) from mass email, or to add a user(s) to a conversation.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea blah blah blah?
Tried to search, but couldn't find.

Is this idea similar to one that has been previously blah blah blah?
The only similar I could find, was filtering inbox, but that's not really my proposal here

You sent a mass mail to your guild. Player A leaves the guild, now every time somebody replies to that mass message, Player A still receives that message, which he shouldn't've. On the other had, you have a new member joined your guild, and instead of starting the mass mail all over again, just add that user(s) to the current ongoing mass mail.

Have an option to remove specific user(s) from mass email, or to add a user(s) to a conversation. This should be used only by Mods and higher though,

Visual Aids:
I think this one is self-explanatory.

This shouldn't affect the game play at all, just an extra feature to mail system

Abuse Prevention:
None what so ever

Add an option to add and remove specific user(s) from mass mail.



On FB, you can add and remove people from chats.

It is quite annoying to have to redo a bunch of threads because someone arrives or someone leaves. How come this has not been more popular?


I'm sure there are several threads where this has been raised. The big problem is the developers break more things than they fix so they never get around to doing things players want. You have bunnies in your city though so all is good.


either this or change the "All Guild Members" button to read "To Guild" , which makes messages visible to all those currently in a guild, so if someone leaves or joins they are automatically removed from or added to the message thread. It's hugely frustrating having to recreate ongoing threads every time a new member joins or an old member leaves a guild.


This may require a little more work than making the game crash or stall or bleed through etc etc but it would be well received by all the guilds.
Not open for further replies.