A warning to new players about Dragonboru Guild


If you do not like authoritarian leaders who will gossip behind your back and stab you if they feel out of sorts with the world, do not join this guild.

Listening to people complain about their bad experiences with guilds is like watching couples bicker: it's no fun and, even if you do understand both sides, it always ends up being an incredibly intricate mess that leaves you with an aching head and a deep desire for a beer.

So I thought hard before posting this warning. I certainly am not going to let it devolve into a he said/she said thing. Perhaps other people from Dragonboru will come on here to tell their side of the story or attack me. Whatever. I don't plan to respond. The folks who play with me on four worlds know that I am a courteous, helpful, easy-going person who stands by his guildmates and does everything in his power to meet their requests. Actions speak louder than words and if you know me or meet me in the future, you can draw your own conclusions about me.

I won't bore you with details. If you want to know them, shoot me a message. I can add you to the message thread where it all happened if you like dramaz and have plenty of popcorn, you can page through it and giggle.

I am posting this because, in over twenty years of playing one or another online game, I have never had a situation like this happen before. I found it deeply abusive and offensive. I am a fifty year old, so no big deal. But I had to wonder how a much younger person with less life experience would take it. Thus the warning.

In my opinion and experience, the leadership of Dragonboru operates as a closed club whose dynamics are much like a band of adolescent gossips: to make themselves look powerful, they pick one person and talk s*** about them, lying if they have to. When the victim of the attack defends themselves, they double down and the defence itself is used as "proof" that their aggression is justified. In this way, they show everyone else that their authority is not to be crossed. The technical name for this is "bullying" and if you are not sanguine about that sort of thing, you will probably be much happier anywhere but in this guild.

Blitz Epidemic

I agree with you, the leaders of Dragonburu have always been unhinged, authoritarian backstabbers! I've had to deal with them since day 1 of this world starting. The bad thing is Korch is filled with such leaders and guilds, we refer to them as trolls.

There are several great guilds on Korch that will welcome you and treat you with the respect all players deserve.


I have been in The Phoenix Rising, a much more powerful and helpful guild, for over a year now. They took me in literally three hours after Dragonboru kicked me and they have been a real pleasure to play with.

Moral of the story: don’t stand for abuse from a guild. Go out and join one that appreciates you.