⚔️ WarPigs ⚔️ are recruiting!!


Hey guys and girls!

⚔ WarPigs ⚔ are recruiting!!

We open a minimum of 3 levels of GE every week, and only ask as a minimum that Level 1 is complete. We do encourage people to do as much as possible for your own progression.

'committed to progressing the guild and raising player benefits, but having fun along the way'... We want the best for all our players and have many players with experience in many of the older worlds who are ready to help you progress whether that is with guidance or help with goods or even help raising and levelling Great Buildings, were there for you.

A designated Observatory of the week to help level our members Observatories while also helping members to obtain observatories of there own. They help the guild with goods which in turn benefits each member.

All the while all we want is to have fun ... smash some GE and GvG and become the best in Parkog...

If interested let me know here or mail me on Parkog for an invite!!

Happy forging guys


Me me me XD At least in P I have an Obs and enough production for GE2. Sadly no GVG, as I am app only.