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Recent content by Ursula Beartree

  1. Event Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    Glad to see that someone confirms my experience. 2k means 100 drinks a day from incidents! That's incredible luck. I've had some lucky incidents but not nearly enough.
  2. Event Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    I'm extremely disappointed in this event. If you play every day, like I do, it should at least be possible to get the main building fully upgraded without having to spend diamonds. I can totally understand spending diamond to get special rewards or to get certain buildings faster, but it...
  3. More avatars representing people of colour

    A lot of the responses are about this being a political thing, and politics should stay out of the game. I don't think this is political, though. I would just like for non-white people to have as many choices to pick an avatar as white people already have. As you can see, there is not only a...
  4. More avatars representing people of colour

    Making almost all the avatars white is also a political choice, don't you agree? It's not about affirmative action, it's about challenging the idea that only a white avatar is somehow "neutral" or anonymous. I'm queer myself so no, I'm not "forgetting" the LGBT community. Queer people can...
  5. More avatars representing people of colour

    Your answer to combat racism is to make everyone look like they're white? I don't think it works that way.
  6. More avatars representing people of colour

    Proposal Right now there are only a few avatars in the game that represent people of colour. This is not representative of the world we live in, or of the many famous people of colour throughout history. I propose to add more avatars of colour so that this imbalance is addressed. Have you...
  7. Prevent forge point donations that exceed the limit on a GB

    I don't see this proposal as a way to circumvent being sniped. It's more a case of "hey, the amount you want to donate exceeds the amount needed to level this GB, do you want to proceed?" That's pretty much what the game does already when you're not donating simultaneously with another player...
  8. Active player (Arc, SoH, Obs, HoF) looking for social, friendly guild to join

    What I have to offer: - Arc 3, Observatory 10, Statue of Honor 1, Hall of Fame EMA - Active participation in GE and GbG - Unusual sense of humour - Fair trades - Daily polivating What I'm looking for: - A guild that knows what it's doing (Gold/Platinum/Diamond League) - Teamwork - Active...