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Recent content by rick of shaw

  1. rick of shaw

    Analysing the real value of Great Buildings

    This thread could use an update Numbercruncher. Just sayin.
  2. rick of shaw

    Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

    Requires to much effort. Will finish this time and give it a miss next time.
  3. rick of shaw

    Should I build any of these GB's?

    ToB and ND are not even remotely worth getting. Deal is OK for a while but only if you have no Arc. There is a thread on here somewhere showing what all the top players have if you can find it.
  4. rick of shaw

    Update Update to 1.209 Feedback

    A bit underwhelming.
  5. rick of shaw

    PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    Just not worth the bother.
  6. rick of shaw

    Plunder - how much?

    What you need to do is send your attackers a sternly worded message expressing your displeasure of being robbed. Remember to write that all in caps. Works a treat!
  7. rick of shaw

    Really upset a my neighbour!

    Enable the tavern city shield and continue. Nothing gets ya a good love letter than attacking and plundering with the city shield up.
  8. rick of shaw

    Archaeology 2021 Feedback

    I had to spend diamonds in 3 of my worlds. Not fussed as they are diamond mines anyway. I didn't seem to do well getting wells this time round. I usually get 7-8 on each world. Only got 3-4 this time. Oh well. At least the Ferris Wheel looks nice.
  9. rick of shaw

    Looking for The Arc BP's

    Ask your guild. Or snipe your hood. If your guild cant help then move on.
  10. rick of shaw

    Any possible upcoming changes ?

    Google will set you free.
  11. rick of shaw

    General conversation

    And without?
  12. rick of shaw

    General conversation

    How quick can one get through Arctic Future?
  13. rick of shaw

    2021 archaeology event

    Love the Ferris wheel!
  14. rick of shaw

    Spoiler Upcoming significant nerf ro Recurring Quests

    I find it incredible that ranking points mean so much to some players that they will get up to all kinds of stuff to get them. They should focus more on getting a real life instead. Do em a world of good. I had no idea what an auto clicker was before this thread. Oh well.