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Recent content by Richy in Odhrorvar

  1. New Content Mobile Video Ads A/B Test II Feedback

    I managed to get my wife playing FoE with me, now she is playing more on the games your ads introduce to her. Does this do you any favours? I doubt it.... Better to design more events and try to get people spend diamonds there rather than push players to play other games.
  2. New Content Mobile Video Ads A/B Test II Feedback

    after weeks of delay getting 'aid all' button' I am the lucky one now to get the ads feature..... not a nice experience, the aid all only started after I completed the full ad, which means further delay on my daily aiding.... can you improve on that by starting the aid when ads start, if people...
  3. Closed July outdoors activity contest

    My favourite is football, it is a team sport like some features in FoE, everyone plays a role in the team and contribute to the team's success. There are also training for new players, manager of the team, captain of the team, leader characters within the team, plus many other aspects to make...
  4. Anyone seen the new announcement about GBG in beta?

    So I have to register another account in beta for feedback? I am busy enough for 1 server.... Not enough time to build diamond farm on every world yet...
  5. Anyone seen the new announcement about GBG in beta?

    well, I don't play on beta, so I am guessing that I don't have a say on the game, so I will see how this change will change my play. very disappointed that I leveled my new AI Core recently for this change, it is a slap in the face.
  6. Anyone seen the new announcement about GBG in beta?

    What has been balanced by this idea? Guild goods become pointless as nobody needs them anymore. Teamwork means nothing. Guild means nothing. Guild ranking determined by GvG where mobile players cannot join anyway let alone there are players from different time zones. BTW, you should stop any...
  7. New Bug: Message won't load

    No they just made a rubbish suggestion which costs me 200+ FP and 50+ diamonds by missing GBG opening
  8. New Bug: Message won't load

    My social messages won't load more than 10 messages. so I can not check/post in a few threads after the new update. Play on mobile Android app.
  9. Guild Battlegrounds Update 2021 - Feedback

    40 encounters every member is difficult to get. Can not guarantee everyone is available all the time. For example, our guild has more than 60 members and a few of them was in hospital so they did not play much. They tried their best but no one should risk their lives to play this game. Maybe...
  10. New Bug: GBG lock up when sector is taken

    These issues happened to me ony Android app: 1. Every time a sector is taken. I need to exit the GBG map and go back before I can fight on other sectors. 2. I was doing negotiation on a sector when it is taken. I can not exist from the sector or the GBG. Had to force exit the app.
  11. Closed September Fall Contest

    Chocolate 6 Cinnamon 14 Apples 18 Caramel 9 Pumpkins 17
  12. Closed August Pirate Contest

    Matey Sharkbait
  13. New Bug: GE guild ranking not visible

    Hi, I can see the guild ranking this morning when GE just started, but it disappeared now on my android phone version. Please check if this is a bug. Thanks.
  14. New Bug: GBG slow on mobile after a few fights

    Okay, will contact when I get time...
  15. New Bug: GBG slow on mobile after a few fights

    My browser works fine....