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Recent content by Prinza the Hunter

  1. Prinza the Hunter

    Closed September Fall Contest

    Chocolate = 6, Cinnamon = 14, Apples = 19, Caramel = 9, Pumpkins = 17
  2. Prinza the Hunter

    Closed August Pirate Contest

    Two Toe Swashbuckler
  3. Prinza the Hunter

    Font used on Linux?

    Does anyone know what is the font used by FoE, please? I see people posting with all kinds of emoticons/font graphics but many of these just show up as a grey box (unknown character) on my Linux system running Chrome browser.
  4. Prinza the Hunter

    What's Your Excuse?

    Oh! I've just given them all to someone else. Find a bigger Frying Pan.
  5. Prinza the Hunter

    What's Your Excuse?

    I can't, my keyboard is broken. Repair my mouse for me.
  6. Prinza the Hunter

    Mods vs. Non-Mods

  7. Prinza the Hunter

    Confirmed: Tavern status incorrect on Friends Bar

    I find the longer it is left, the worse the status gets.
  8. Prinza the Hunter

    Confirmed: Tavern status incorrect on Friends Bar

    On the Friends Bar, the icon and tooltip for Friends Taverns is sometimes incorrect. The icon is either a chair indicating the Tavern for that friend can be visited, or a timer indicating the Tavern for that friend can't be visited currently. Hovering over the timer icon gives one of the...
  9. Prinza the Hunter

    New display for Forge Points in Inventory

    Yes, you could. But that value can change behind the scenes without your knowledge. How often are you to keep checking other places (always loading screenfuls of information you don't want, creating more network traffic and server load) instead of just glancing up, as you can with most other...
  10. Prinza the Hunter

    Soccer Contest

  11. Prinza the Hunter

    Do Not Suggest: 2 Wave battles - point calculation correction

    +1 This is as close to being a bug as an 'intended feature' can get. When the modification was made to avoid people collecting points from first wave if they surrendered, the current bodge should never have been made. When two waves are fought, the points should be the total calculated value...
  12. Prinza the Hunter

    Suggestion for Guild Battlegrounds

    How you manage to conclude that when most of what I wrote was about other players, I don't know. There was only one sentence that was about me personally. Everyone is entitled to express their own preference, and should do so rather than make claims about other people's preferences. If you can...
  13. Prinza the Hunter

    New display for Forge Points in Inventory

    On the top bar we currently have: Points. Who cares about that, and anyway it is available on the ranking screen; Population. Available any time population is being used, so why have it on the top of the screen all the time? There are always screen notices for deductions and additions...
  14. Prinza the Hunter

    Suggestion for Guild Battlegrounds

    Let me get this straight: you don't want to play for 10 days at a time .. so want everyone else to stop doing so? Or you think other players should not be playing as much as they do and want to restrict what they do with their leisure time? Either way, it's an incredibly poor basis for a...