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Recent content by PeePee Pleb

  1. PeePee Pleb

    Forge of Empires: Worst Experience with MMORPG in a Decade

    I didn't say it's wrong, but this is same as e.g. saying that any of Need for Speed games are RPG because you feel like roleplaying main character.
  2. PeePee Pleb

    Forge of Empires: Worst Experience with MMORPG in a Decade

    Just a quick note: FoE is definitely not a MMORPG
  3. PeePee Pleb

    Converting coins

    Diamonds are premium currency, it doesn't work that way
  4. PeePee Pleb

    General conversation

    Hmmm, 2 days prior to the new event and we still don't have any info regarding the next event :rolleyes:
  5. PeePee Pleb

    I barely have any goods below Industrial Age, sorry. Traz = Alcatraz

    I barely have any goods below Industrial Age, sorry. Traz = Alcatraz
  6. PeePee Pleb

    Castle System - Feedback

    No, tho you can hide it's level so it appears as lvl 0 to everyone (except you) no matter what level you have upgraded it to.
  7. PeePee Pleb

    Castle System - Feedback

    There are a few possible reasons: 1. You probably want to hide the fact you rushed the Castle System with Diamonds; 2. You don't want other players to see level of your Castle Systen so they don't know how big additional bonus to defense you have (just a guess). But first point is much closer to...
  8. PeePee Pleb

    Update 1.214 Feedback

    It is faster than selecting individual troops to heal (very needed when you accidentaly lose a troop from the higher age than yours), but makes you suffer more :rolleyes:
  9. PeePee Pleb

    Castle System - Feedback

    Despite cashplayers basically being the pillar of this game, I agree with this post. Cashplayers should be rewarded, but not this way. I already mentioned that Castle System is supposed to be a grindfest, and should be only that, not a "who will spend more money on a game" competition. Much...
  10. PeePee Pleb

    Castle System - Feedback

    Just one question regarding the attack boost. Starting from level 13 it is stated that you get separate attack boost only on attack values along with both attack+defense boost for attacking army, so I'm curious if this is really a case and you get like 80/45% boost at the level 15 or it is some...
  11. PeePee Pleb

    Is there a way to change the Battle Map to 1440p ?!?

    Unfortunately, I think that game doesn't support screens better than 1080p. Had an opportunity to play it on 1440p screen, it basically looks like you are playing a game on lowest possible resolution without anti-aliasing enabled.
  12. PeePee Pleb

    Castle System - Feedback

    Can you describe the problem a bit clearer? You will get Castle Points only for first 15 battles and 15 negotiations in the day. Also, each battle/negotiation yields less and less castle points until you come up to 0 at 16th battle in a day.
  13. PeePee Pleb

    Castle System - Feedback

    Hmmm, just casually at the work waiting for the castle to be built by itself :rolleyes:
  14. PeePee Pleb

    Terracota Army

    Terracota Army
  15. PeePee Pleb

    To keep an army or not?

    It's very hard to say if anyone has played this game without a single battle (excluding the tutorial ones), but I highly doubt anyone played the game that way.