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Recent content by Mandolyn

  1. Mandolyn

    Fixed: Loading issue

    Thanks Shabooboo, that worked for me when all the other ways didn't. Now loading without issues.
  2. Mandolyn

    Update to 1.221 Feedback

    Likewise, cannot log onto any of my cities on the EN server. Tried various browsers, cleared cache, cookies etc., uninstalled and reinstalled my browsers without success.
  3. Mandolyn

    Fixed: Game not loading at all (PC/EN) - various servers

    Same issue on EN server, there's two other report pages going on this problem :(
  4. Mandolyn

    Fixed: Game not loading on the en2 server

    * prevents should read pc. This is across all my worlds on the EN server. Other problem is when I've logged on with mobile and then try to log on with my pc, it terminates my mobile game although the wheel spins with no progress
  5. Mandolyn

    Fixed: Game not loading on the en2 server

    I have a similar problem whereby the wheel keeps turning under the logo on my prevents, even after clearing my cache :( I have no problem in logging on with mobile
  6. Mandolyn

    Closed August Pirate Contest

    Two Toe O'Greedy
  7. Mandolyn

    PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    Not sure if it's a bug or what. My middle PvP Arena contestants don't seem to change, even after refreshing - just the top and bottom ones would change and I've had the same person in the middle for the last 3 days. Can someone shed some light on this phenomenon, pls.
  8. Mandolyn

    Age up

    I would upgrade half of upgradeable goods production buildings to current age and leave half at age below to balance goods production. It prevents a problem of not having enough goods for the age below, when doing negotiations in GE, GBG or quests.
  9. Mandolyn

    New Bug: Event tab & Sand Box disappearing.

    Thanks hawknz, I've done so
  10. Mandolyn

    New Bug: Event tab & Sand Box disappearing.

    In the last couple of days I find my event tab and sand box disappearing after I've logged in on pc and then incidents are duplicated at the same time, this happens across all my worlds. When I click on an incident a rewards is presented, then immediately the identical type appears. Once the...
  11. Mandolyn

    [GAME] Three Words Story

    so icy black
  12. Mandolyn

    New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    It goes for our guild as well, so we yoyo between the two leagues, much to the frustration of most of our guild mates because of the unhealthy competition between guilds. Then having to deal with the proverbial 'school yard bullying' type actions from the more powerful guilds every other season...
  13. Mandolyn

    New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    The problem comes when you're up against the same guilds who notoriously swap sectors, then there's no change that an agreement could be put into place to swap sectors with anyone, they gang up and push smaller guilds down, no matter how hard a guild tries. That results in our top fighters...
  14. Mandolyn

    New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    Never found the need to do 1 fight, always have aged up after the start of GBg and used the age below's goods and units.
  15. Mandolyn

    New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    No you don't. When you age up after GBG starts, you still use the goods or units from the age before. Likewise with buildings, you use the goods for the ages of the Guildies that they're in or the age below, if they aged up after the start of GBG. The rewards in goods and units are of the new...