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Recent content by Lilaia

  1. Guild Battlegrounds Update 2021 - Feedback

    Any chance to get a zoomable map for the browser version? If you zoom the map to about 50% to have a complete view of the map, one cannot read the mail/instructions. If you have the map on 100%, one cannot see the complete map on a normal screen and you loose the overview in comlex battles.
  2. Update Update to 1.209 Feedback

    Bug imported from Beta, it worked until we had the update. Now you have to refresh after collecting your silver.
  3. Update Update to 1.209 Feedback

    Ability to send 140 invitations is nice. Why cannot the trade window be enlarged such that you do not have to scroll up or down if you want to place trades from one era to another? As an alternative - leave it as it is. I cannot see any need for these additional headlines for the single eras...
  4. New Bug: https://en16.forgeofempires.com/game/index?

    Bris takes ages to open windows, e.g. settlements, GEX, negotiations. The problems started this morning and are still there. Reload and Windows Update did not change anything. I have no problems on other servers (Beta, DE). Browser: Chrome Speed seems to be back to normal now.
  5. Update 1.201 Feedback

    It would be very helpful, if one could see a kind of countdown for aborted quests. By the way, bots will be able to see such a countdown, so it would be only fair, if we had the same "knowledge". Further, it would be helful, if we knew the time of reset.
  6. Useful FOE Tips

    If you get boxes (like the one for the spring event) giving goods, it might be helpful to wait with opening, if you do not need the other items being in the box. The goods might be helpful if you changed era (and need goods), or if you are in urgent need of goods for a quest and no help is around.
  7. Community Ideas for Sprint (Version 1.209)

    GbG: Show the province tags to all, but members without rights cannot change them. Further, introduce a kind of "watermark" within battle or negotiation if the province is marked as locked.
  8. Community Ideas for Sprint (Version 1.209)

    When you are reading an old message, and a new message arrives, you are moved to the new message, which is very annoying. (see above) Further, it would be great, if you take a trade, attached to a message, that you do not end up at the newest message, but stay at the position of the trade(s)...
  9. Spoiler Upcoming significant nerf ro Recurring Quests

    Maybe InnoGames should have a look at the Update 1.125 (April 28, 2018): In response to player feedback, we looked into options for speeding up the cancelling of quests, which should be a bit faster now. I wonder when we will have to donate in 10fp packages again....
  10. Spoiler Upcoming significant nerf ro Recurring Quests

    There are 2 quests which include a fight. Simply fight and then abort. You keep the ranking poins. This "ranking point farming " could be stopped if the fights would count after finishing the whole quest only.
  11. Galata Tower Changes Feedback

    Thank you for confirming that the costs for the levels AND the contribution rewards are from the update on all " EMA" (comparable with CoA) and no longer "ageless/Oracle". Somehow there seems to be a lot of confusion in this context.
  12. I am very confused, someone help me please

    For huts, you need supplies only. Thus, he has a problem with supplies.
  13. I am very confused, someone help me please

    Take the shortest production (5 min), if you are in need of supplies. There are 5, 15 min, 1, 4, 8, and 24hrs. If not requested by a quest, there is no difference between the supplies produces over different times, Trophies, Bones, Daggers, ... all result in "tools" (supplies). A hut will cost...
  14. I am very confused, someone help me please

    Do you have enough supplies? If not, you have to produce them (Production Building). It makes sense to use short productions (5 min).
  15. Possibility of sanctions from the support against guilds

    Are there any known cases of sanctions against guilds due to actions by individual players? The background for such sanctions could be, for example: 1. Advantages of GvG (or GG) through bots / scripts of individual players. 2. Donations of thousands of goods by "supporting accounts" who visit...