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Recent content by Jungkook-

  1. Jungkook-

    what a fun gbg season it was. first time to reach #rank1 in battle in RP(only 19 hours left!) [IMG]

    what a fun gbg season it was. first time to reach #rank1 in battle in RP(only 19 hours left!)
  2. Jungkook-

    Strongest gbg gvg oriented guild anyone?

    question, why did we choose name as 龙 Đ Ɍ Ⱥ Ǥ Ø N S 龍(+flies) ? that guild im knowing of tack(the biggest guy in the whole world in en)'s guild. but tack isnt there nor any other related person : P in addition, i cant type that font plus chinese charecter(?) in the rank lol
  3. Jungkook-

    how to change servers

    You cant, this is international server, and is separate from USA forever
  4. Jungkook-

    SAM or SAAB?

    think thats not possible because from OF you will get blocked on story quest on the era your staying in, up to venus but thanks for the advice!
  5. Jungkook-

    SAM or SAAB?

    ok so between SAM and SAAB which era would be better to fight to highest attriction. (for instance i made it att 75 in TE autobattle meamwhile reaching 45 in VF)
  6. Jungkook-

    Castle System - Feedback

    crazy diamond spending people in T already has at lv 16, meanwhile people who dont want crazy delpletion of money is mostly stuck on lv 4. no matter how much you fight or negotiate for castle system daily, its going to take ages to reach level unless you buy diamonds for cash! seems like this...
  7. Jungkook-

    SAM or SAAB?

    hi, i need a suggestion pls. im currently in VF(korch) 152M points and attack boost of 850%/555%. im looking for an era that i can fight gbg with less unit change and therefore the fastest. can expereinced players on this subject let me know? thanks in advance!
  8. Jungkook-

    New World Feedback Thread

    wow a new world? would be VERY intersting how players will forge through eras without arc or other high era GBs ; P
  9. Jungkook-

    Update 1.214 Feedback

    if INNO so badly wants to implant the heal all thingy, than rather change the position there is. WHY PUT IN THE DIRECT SPOT WHERE THERE SHOULD BE "OK"???? There are plently of spots to put the heal icon in the battle screen. and inno chose the most important icon's place??
  10. Jungkook-

    Update 1.214 Feedback

    yea of course, but what about on GBG races??? a slight wrong click and a big waste of time and when the confirmation window pops up your too late on the race, you LOSE
  11. Jungkook-

    Update 1.214 Feedback

    Inno again ruins a great game 1. like fiura said above, the background on the chat is HORRIBLE, oh my eyes my eyes! 2. whats the Heal All for??? really pointless update, unless one is using units on higher era or for gvg champion, who would want to spend hundreds of diamonds for just reviving an...
  12. Jungkook-

    off i go to the asteroid world : D[IMG]

    off i go to the asteroid world : D
  13. Jungkook-

    In-game achievements

    A historical day in korch, when the undefeatable guild is beaten, go Radicals!(and WL as well!)
  14. Jungkook-

    hope RK someday beat you!!!!!!!!!

    hope RK someday beat you!!!!!!!!!
  15. Jungkook-

    i really hate A41

    i really hate A41