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Recent content by Estipar

  1. Estipar

    How many Gummy Bears?!

  2. Estipar

    Guild Forum Removal - Feedback

    Stopped using it a long time ago.. Good to see it finally removed.
  3. Estipar

    Fall Event 2020 Feedback Thread

    Looking forward to a bit of Baking 8-)
  4. Estipar

    PvP Arena Feedback

    So I guess its gone for now !!
  5. Estipar

    PvP Arena Feedback

    Since July 9th, we have received impressive 2400 comments of feedback (EN and Beta forums) regarding the new PvP Arena feature. Most of those comments were requests to improve this feature and, therefore, as part of our culture to make Forge of Empires better, we have decided to deactivate the...
  6. Estipar

    PvP Arena Feedback

    Looks like just just sucked all of the fun out of Fighting, another sad day for FOE (Fun Over Eventually)
  7. Estipar

    New Content [Feedback] Guild Expedition Changes

    Well looks like some positive changes, good to see L4 being made a bit more difficult. Might have to manually Fight my way through it now. Shame I sold a lot of these Buildings already.. who would have known :)
  8. Estipar

    Soccer Contest

  9. Estipar

    New Content Space Age - Asteroid Belt feedback

    It's not completely useless ;)
  10. Estipar

    New Content Space Age - Asteroid Belt feedback

    Shame about the new Units. Looking forward to Thursday, Thanks ;)
  11. Estipar

    Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    If you want to do something useful with GvG .. STOP Guilds locking up half the map releasing and taking sectors so they can FARM Points. NOTHING you have done to date has stopped FARMING.
  12. Estipar

    Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    So now I have to turn up at 8PM every night or loose our sectors.. Congrats for pandering to the Big Guilds who have gotten their way as usual. With 3 Resets at least you gave the smaller Guilds a chance to participate at different times of the Day.. THESE CHANGES have NOT stopped FARMING or...