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Thread: Unit bonuses not adding up: Range Vs. Siege

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    Default Unit bonuses not adding up: Range Vs. Siege

    Both the Short-Range and Long-Range units are supposed to have a bonus vs. Heavy Melee, but I've been noticing that this doesn't work out quite as you would expect. After watching hundreds of fights, I've noticed that the LR units are so weak against HM that they may as well have no bonus. In fact, (especially if the HM is getting their open ground bonus), the LR will do more damage against every other unit compared to the type of unit they are going against. It might take as many as 4 shots to kill one opponent, assuming I don't get unlucky and have shots that end up doing no damage at all, which sometimes happens if both sides aren't from the same age. In the meantime I could have killed the same guy with at most 3 shots or even two from the SR unit. You would expect an army of LR units to totally devastate an army of HM units due to their poor movement, but unless they are going to get stuck due to bad terrain this won't happen. I'm curious if anybody else seems to be having the same experience.

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    LR initially does barely any damage. The common misconception that they do a lot of damage comes from the fact that they're mainly used to take out other ranged units - which all have low defense - which makes it look like LR has a lot of attackpower.
    It does moderate/normal damage versus HM because it has a bonus against them.

    Damage done does, however, depend heavily on which Age LR you are using vs which Age HM.
    If you're using lower Age LR vs higher Age HM, the facts I noted above will accumulate more and your avarage damage done will drop.

    - L

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    Heavy melee units have the highest defense values in this game. Long range units have by far the lowest attack values in this game. Expecting any different outcome from such situation would be just weird. If those damages seem low to you, I don't think you'd want to know what kind of damage LR would cause to HM if they did not have the bonus against them. Keep in mind that this bonus is actually very strong in relation to the otherwise very small LR attack numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hint View Post
    Expecting any different outcome from such situation would be just weird.
    I agree it's weird if you are just looking at the numbers. I don't think it's quite so weird from the perspective of a player who isn't adding up the numbers and doesn't know why slow moving troops aren't decimated by a unit that has a bonus against them. It seems odd to me that the game was balanced out this way, but there you have it!

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