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Your Suggestions For Our Community Sprint (Version 1.209)

Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager

Dear Kings and Queens,

We hope you are enjoying the first days of Spring!

In June (for version 1.209), we are planning to move forward with a Community Sprint. To clarify what that means, a Sprint is typically a two-week period where our developer teams work on specific topics, and for this two-week period they will entirely focus on quality of life and usability improvements for Forge of Empires.

Considering this will be our main focal point for that Sprint, and in doing so we want to improve the experience of the player through these usability improvements, we thought it would be important to reach out to you via a dedicated post rather than the typical feedback thread within the Forum.

The reason for this is that our normal Feedback threads are for overall feedback and suggestions as well as longer-term improvements, and for this post we would like to target suggestions just for quality of life and usability improvements over this two-week Sprint period.

For Community Sprint suggestions, we ask that you please use the dedicated feedback thread we have set up for this here. After March 26th, the thread will be closed. Before we begin however, we do need to establish some ground rules.

Firstly, due to time constraints, we will need to set a cut-off date for the 26th of March. We ask you please get your suggestions in before then, otherwise they will not be considered.

Secondly, we ask that the suggestions be realistic and based on what is achievable within a sprint. Sadly, if the nature of the suggestion is related to an ambitious new feature (or a significant change within the game), then it will not be something we could carry forward and consider for the Community Sprint. We ask you please check out our guidelines page here on what not to suggest first as posts on ideas already on the Do Not Suggest list will be removed.

Thirdly, as well as posting suggestions, we ask you to please like the suggestions from other players that you most want to see. That way, we can get a gauge on the popularity of the different suggestions. For this particular exercise, please do not comment on ideas presented, simply use the like button if you like and support the idea. This is not a discussion thread. This will allow us to easily collate the ideas suggested.

Smash that like button.jpg

Finally, we must also reiterate, with any suggestion that there is no guarantee of its implementation. We are of course grateful for the time you are taking to provide it, and will consider them with the relevant teams, however we will only be able to move forward with a few (based on popularity and our ability to implement them within the game). So please do keep that in mind, when forwarding your suggestions.

With all that being said, we are very much looking forward to your ideas, and cannot wait to see what you come up with in the feedback thread!

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

Your Forge of Empires Team.
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FoE Team
Co-Community Manager
Thankyou everyone, we have now closed the feedback thread for this.
We will evaluate your ideas and put forward the ones most 'liked' by the community.