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Your search for a new guild may end here...


'Triumph' is currently in its 4th year and has just sneaked into the top 50 guilds on Houndsmoor.

Named from the old British car marque (Nothing to do with 'Conquest') and founded on October 2017.

As I write there are 11 of us (We just lost a member to paternity and one left the game completely) so we are hoping to swell our numbers a little.

There are no egos here. We're just a pleasant bunch of players who enjoy the game and want to better or guild's and own ranking in an optionally social environment. We have chatty players and we have players that have neve made a public post but all of use participate to some extent. If 'Seriousness' were could be quantified I would say we're about 7/10 with players ranging from 4/10 to 8/10.

All the usual guild stuff is relevant: Fair trades, swap threads from 5-1,000FPs etc.
We do not have a 1.9 thread because, quite frankly, we don't understand it and we have decided there is no need for it.
I do insist on level 1 of GE completed AND you will be expected to do more in a tough week - we usually achieve 80-100% completion; usually I don't have to crack the whip as players see that more is needed and manage it un-prompted.
GBG is optional - we hover between Platinum & Diamond leagues with about half the guild participating.

So, if you're a decent person that wants to join a guild of decent people please PM me, Shabooboo, in game.