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You NEED to read this!!!!!!

  • Thread starter Sir Thomas The Blue
  • Start date

Sir Thomas The Blue

...........Ok, so you probably DON'T need to! But I couldn't think of a better title lol! Having only recently discovered this game I was amazed to find out how long its been around, and a bit gutted because I hate starting out when there are so many established players and guilds, because you leave yourself so much catch up work to do, and this is most evident when your trying to find a good guild to join up with for help and advice! So after trying and failing for a while to find one, I've decided to make my own :) (I no, I no "ANOTHER" new guild yawn lol) I will be, and have been on here everyday since I've started and all I'm looking for from our guild is to nail all the basics, So a place to trade our goods at fair ratio's 1:1 for goods of the same age 2:1 goods of a separate age, a guild that will actively look to unlock your GB's full potential with a system I've devised :) a group of players that will polish and motivate between each other on a regular basis! (not expecting anyone to play every hour of the day lol) and finally a guild that puts the emphasis on being social with one another! there's nothing better than having a laugh and a joke with other people while your playing :) If "WE" can achieve these basics then together we will have fun and steadily rise to the very top in doing so ;p! Everyone and Anyone is more than welcome to join :) just reply to this post or message me in game and I will welcome you into ....THE BLUES BROTHERS with open arms lol .....p.s sorry for the essay :( lol