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Word Association Game - April

  • Thread starter DeletedUser110603
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Hi Everyone,

This months competition will be similar to last month's however the main change is this month will be the "3 Word Story", very similar to the long standing game we have on the forum, with some additional rules


1) Your entire entry must only contain 3 words (That's = 1 word) (That is = 2 words)

2) Your 3 words MUST associate and follow on in a logical manner from the previous players 3 words

Player 1/ "I walked along" Player 2/ " the long road" - CORRECT
Player 1/ "I walked along" Player 2/ "clowns are funny" - INCORRECT

3) You may enter as many times as you wish BUT don't double post (there must be another players entry in between yours)

4) Remember this is a family game

5) 5 winners will be chosen at random and each will receive 400 Lanterns to be used in the Spring Event & 250 diamonds.

Inappropriate or incorrect entries will be withdrawn prior to the winners being determined.

Contest ends 15th April 2020 at midnight game time

Lets kick off with......
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