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Wolves of the Sea - Trading and Support guild accepting members


Wolves of the Sea is one of the top guilds in Arvahall, ranked 16th at the time of writing. We are pushing 80 members now, but still have a bit of room for good candidates.

We are always seeking new members, with a minimum score of 2500 points being desirable (although not essential). New players are welcome, just as we were once new players...however you will be expected to make regular progress in order to remain in the guild.

We have strictly enforced trade rules based on relative costs of production. In short, trades must be 1:1 for same age goods, or 2:1 for trades of goods one age up or down. Our active and efficient traders regularly clear the market of guild trades, ensuring our members have a reliable supply for their needs.

Mutual support through communications, arranging goods trades for most economical progress and providing advice on game and battle strategies we've found to be effective.

Did you know that trades arranged "in guild" don't cost you a forge point?

Have you considered the benefits of other guild members polishing your cultural buildings for maximum happiness and production?

All this and more is but a click or two away. Simply send an in game message to myself, Scoffee, cagee or korek999, and we'll take you onboard for profit and adventure!

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We're growing quickly (16 members, ranked 106 now!) and still looking for new members.

Make that 23 members and ranked #79!

What we are looking for are people who want to take an active role in supporting guild members and aiding in their own progression. There is strength in numbers, for many reasons.
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Wolves of the Sea is still growing, and recruiting active players. Check us out and send us a message if you'd like to join!


I would like to join your Guild but new to the game and maybe need help!!!


Hey, Im looking for a guild as well. I read in a few places that this is a good guild to be in!


We're the best guild to be in! (Although I might be biased)

Message and invitation sent in game.


I'm looking for a guild. New to this game but very active. Already progressing well. You won't regret recruiting me.



Looking for a good trading guild. I'm still in BA on this round of the game, but played before. There is other things in life than gaming, but when I'm online, I'm active and helpful all the ways I can.



already active in another world with 30,000 points but finding it very difficult to trade and move forward in the hoods.. any chance of an invite