Wolf Moon is Recruiting Now

Greetings fellow Rugnarians.

Are you looking for a successful and friendly guild? Then perhaps we are the guild for you.
We have few rules, but those we do have are listed below.

Our philosophy is primarily that this is a game, and fun should be the main aim. We will give help to any member who is having difficulties with any aspect of the game.

Currently, we do not do GvG, but have no objection if players wish to take on that challenge. We also have a sister guild, called Wolf Moon Safe Haven where players can go if they need to replenish goods and troops for GE. There is no compulsion to do any GE here.

We do expect everyone to complete at least the first 8 encounters in GE. anyone who is having difficulty can get advice from more experienced players. We regularly finish in the top 3 guilds, more often than not in the top 2.

Everyone must add at least 1 fp to Great Buildings in the mud.

We are also a fair trade guild, although we have no objection to private arrangements, provided they are labeled 'guild only' and are taken quickly.

Oddly, on 20 or 21 January there will be a Super Blood Wolf Moon. Is this an omen for our guild?

If you want to join us, reply to this thread and we'll send you an invitation.