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Woe is me! I Need Counseling!

Deleted member 118885

Afternoon Harry. Tea and crumpets today I think. Buttered of course, yes warm! How else would one eat crumpets? I don't know. Can't get the staff!

Now where was I? Oh yes the reason I dropped in, I need your advice, Harry.

As you know, I started playing FoE a few weeks ago as a therapy for my personal problems, which I shant go into here, people are eating (at least I think that's what they're doing). And I was allocated a space on Sinerania, and started building my take on Milton Keynes. It was quite slow to get going, so I bought and used some diamonds to gee things up a bit. All well and good.

Then I thought I'd start a second settlement on another world, choose Brisgard at random, and I should use that settlement as a training ground. I also decided not to spend a single diamond on this city. It was all fine, Brisgard-World was very relaxed, casual and I didn't give a damn, I could fight battles, lose and test strategies.

But then on Brisgard I got invited into a Guild. A seriously helpful Guild, where they pour forge points into my Oracle (the only Great Building I have here), satisfy my trade requests, and are generally a nice bunch of chaps (chapesses or whatevers)!

This now presents me with some not inconsiderable mental anguish. I want to pull my weight in the Guild. I'm only in the Iron Age, and without even a Statue of Zeus my army is hard pressed to supress a revolt at a primary school (kindergarten). My goods production is similarly very limited, as you might imagine.

My dilemma as you have already guessed, is do I use diamonds to build up this city, deserting its premise as a training ground and take it seriously, or do I soldier [sic] on and potentially let my mates down?

What d'ya think, Harry?
Talk with your guild


Try to use your FPs in threads, that might help you pull your weight. Also, as Emmagirl2 said, talk to a founder or leader. Also do lots of GE.
You sound like a nice player.
i am i help like i can
sure i ask for 200 FP's for the goods on one of my GB's for Arc goods for guild members but they then get more then 200 FP's deposited on their Arcs
on lowest lvl's i try to give members who build it at least half the FP's needed on their Arc for a few lvl's then i help like i can they realy get more then the 200 back on their Arcs

klods hans

i'm curious also, saw a post which I can't find now about recovering from an illness?
Let's hope he is ok.
All his posts are empty.
How does that happen, unless you delete the content of each post yourself one at a time?
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Hmm, that's a lot of work, changing (deleting) the content of maybe 100's of posts one by one.
Wonder WHY :-/

Edit: Well, not 100's of posts; only 76 to be exact...
Odd. He used to have 700. Hopefully he's quit.
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klods hans

so you harassed him enough he quit the forum
congrats you must be happy with yourself
mission accomplished
Wonder if harassment is the reason. He said, he was used to forums. A few trolls, flamers and haters shouldn't scare him off so easily. A forum veteran should know not to feed them.
But a pity, really, if "newbies" leave the forum because they feel harassed :-( The "tone" here can be pretty harsh sometimes, especially against new players, who are trying to learn the game and ask "silly" questions or bring up "stupid" ideas. Not so strange if some of them leave the forum because they don't like the "atmosphere". Sad :-(
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