Winter Event - Dinegu problem (not in other worlds)

Woolly Bear

I have already reported this under the Winter Event tag but am posting it here because it only (thus far) applies to Dinegu, not in the other worlds in which I play. So, I have just completed the latest quest at 21:07 UK time - gathering 9 goods - and have gone into the presents arena to find there is no start button so I can't shuffle/select any presents. This is exactly what happened before, although just before that there was a time delay going on when I'd sold 5 buildings but Frosty only acknowledging 4 so by the time FoE caught up with real time I had sold 6.

The problem with no start button has not occurred in Fel Dranghyr or Greifental, yet I am playing exactly the same stages as I switch from world to world. So what is wrong with Dinegu, exactly? It always seems to be in a different time zone. Over 8 hours I get 8 fps in FD and Greifental but 6 in Dinegu! Does someone keep rolling the system back or something?
Hi woolly, I haven't experienced that same problem, but occasionally the count has been either lagging or just not happening. Today I need to complete a 24 hour production while the clock for today's prize started hours earlier!
PS it's good to see a player who is in the same grouping! I use iPad, so all messaging and guilds are unavailable, which is a shame.