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Spoiler Winter Event 2019


This year's Winter Event will feature a Train as a main building and at the last upgrade you may select from 3 options: Charcoal ( Blue ), Evergreen ( Green ) and Sleighride ( Red ).

If i take into consideration the colours from the Spring Event - Pagoda, they main accent will be:
* Charcoal - Goods
* Evergreen - Forge points
* Sleighride - Attack.

Additionally, we will have 3 "decorations" which apparently they will act as a set or something near to that, if placed at the end of the Train...
These decorations are Sleeping ( Blue ), Dining ( Green ) and Freight ( Red ).

PS. I think the train will be entitled the Downtown Express or something Express, if you check the following link: http://foezz.innogamescdn.com/assets/city/buildings/R_SS_MultiAge_WinterBonus19iSleighride.png
Somebody correct me if they see a different word, or know exactly^^

Anyway, all the Winter Events lasted around 1 month - full month of December, so I assume by the end of this month it should be announced and live on BETA server.

I am really hyped for this! :blush::blush::blush::blush:

the folowing seems so wrong to me , game is suposed to be playable without having to buy diamonds wich is simply imposible for me asking 3000 diamonds to get raindeer reward :
Speaking of the Daily Special, we've got a surprise in store for everyone in this year's event. When you uncover a Daily Special, not only do you receive the prize itself and a ticket for your train, but you also find one of the lost reindeers! Once you have found your first Reindeer you can claim your reward at any time for Diamonds! Help return all the reindeer to their sleigh. Collect 9 reindeer to unlock more rewards and get yourself a better deal :

image taken from beta see link below for feedback about winter event so far no changes to price in
to colect deer reward :
in my opinion they should sell the deers not ask to pay to colect reward this seems so wrong to me
presentation of the deal looks like a feature , yes in the past INNO has offered deals but they were always eather a pop-up or on sidebar that slay you need to click on to get above page looks like a feature not a place where you get deals wich is exactly what i feel is wrong with it
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what if I don't like the 9 things and I want to delete it to get 9 different things ?


the folowing seems so wrong to me , game is suposed to be playable without having to buy diamonds wich is simply imposible for me asking 3000 diamonds to get raindeer reward :
It's the exact same thing Inno has been doing since the day FoE was released, it just looks a little different.

Remember when Events used to allow you to buy yesterdays daily special of a single item for I think it was around 1.5-2k diamonds? Or those limited time specials for X item and Y diamonds that come around multiple times every year? Same thing here only you can get upto 9 items for a set price of just under 3k diamonds.

The game's still playable without diamonds and as long as the main event building is obtainable without the diamond package then nothing has changed in that aspect

what if I don't like the 9 things and I want to delete it to get 9 different things ?
The reindeer is a optional package that adds a random item (to the package) each time you find a daily special. If you have 9 reindeer and you find another then it replaces one of the items in the package if you haven't bought it yet.


have read beta forum,am still trying to find out wot a basic train set gives
Hello kingrobert111,

The Winter Train, on Contemporary Era gives you 3,662 population ; 2,960 happiness ; 40,100 coins ; 5,290 supplies ; 420 medals AND based on the 3 selections you will get:
1. Charcoal Express( the blue one ) - attack boost 16% ; 15 goods ; 5 FPs
2. Evergreen Express ( the green one ) - coin boost 12% ; 10 goods ; 8 FPs
3. Sleighride Express ( the red one ) - supply boost 12% ; 20 goods ; 4 FPS.

The COIN and SUPPLY boost are permanent for all Eras.
The attack is ranged between 10% and 20% as following:
* Bronze Age & Iron Age: 10%
* Early Middle Ages & High Middle Ages & Late Middle Ages: 12%
* Colonial Age & Industrial Age & Progressive Era: 14%
* Modern Era & PostModern Era & Contemporary Era: 16%
* Tomorrow Era & Future Era & Arctic Future: 18%
* Oceanic Future & Virtual Future * Space Ages Mars: 20%

Furthermore, the cars ( wagons ) gives Happiness ( 1,060 in Contemporary Era ) and you may choose between 3 :
1. Dining Car - Attack 4%
2. Freight Car - Goods 5
3. Sleeping Car - 2 FPs.
^ Currently all the above-mentioned bonuses, besides Happiness, are stacked on all Eras.

**** Take into account that provided information is active on BETA!
**** Moreover, based on the past events "procedure" - Event launches on Beta, beta users recommend possible changes to make the Event Buildings more efficient & logical, Inno flips coin and maybe.. maybe they will do something about it.

PS. Event Building more Logical -- when the Halloween Event was first announced on Beta the Abandoned Asylum would give around 3k population on Contemporary Era, which didn't make too much sense if it were Abandoned - so that is why they left that 1 population ( an itsy bitsy ghost - haha :lol: )

Hope this info will be helpful in planning your city.

Have an amazing Weekend!


I dont think it's worth attaching the cars. the att one gives 4% max. can get more from Royal marble gateway or rotunda. with easier placement.


Well currently the cars need to be attached at the end of the train which would make it in a 9x3 or 11x3 and so on.
The interesting part is that, apparently you have unlimited number of how many Cars you may add - as long as you have enough free expansions in your city :lol::lol::lol:

But as I've told in my previous post - currently this is the situation on BETA and as most players on beta are very disappointed, there is a possibility for the stats to be changed.
I really think that in around 2 weeks we will see some changes - but we will see :hide:
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the interesting part is to collect the train with the Blue Galaxy
imagine a long train which normally gives 30 FP and that getting doubled

apparently you have unlimited number of how many Cars you may add
unlimited ?
the city grid is limited so the max length of the train is already defined


A few notes worth mentioning:

Train produces everything without motivation
Train can still be motivated
Train can be plundered if unmotivated

I haven't tested it but I'm assuming at this stage that you only need a single motivation to protect everything in the train and carriages because the cars apply their bonus to the train. Which would also imply the hierarchy for aiding would only apply to the main train with the cars being just happiness.

So even if the cars aren't entirely enticing to players, if my theory is correct then adding cars to the train could potentially change whether it's motivated first (depending on whether or not it was already your best FP producer). But if you've got a large amount of cars attached it'd also reduce your motivations needed if replacing anything that would of needed aiding

Edit: Looks like aiding won’t prioritise the train, but you can still manually aid it to protect from plundering
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