Unformatted: Winter Event 2019 - Every train needs a Caboose.


FOE Game Developers:

Just a thought, but why don’t you offer a ‘Caboose’ for the Train Set. Every train has a Caboose! Maybe a thought for the Winter Event 2020, or sooner. You could even offer 3 different Caboose’s; one for each train set. Just a thought, but I think most of the FOE Players would enjoy winning a Caboose for their Train Set. Thank you.

Richard of shaw

That would be a great idea for next year. I would hope that they would come up with a different theme / prize but it would be nice to be able to have it available anyway.


Well, I’m glad you at least called them ‘Egg Heads’. I was beginning to think I was doing something horrid & awful. Now I realize it’s the Egg Heads!!!


Please don't take this the wrong way but back in "the Old Country" we call them GUARDS VANS or BRAKE VANS ... but then we invented railways!! Ooops ... no offence meant to 'the Colonies' ... oh, dam, there I go again!