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Event Winter Event 2018


Here comes Winter!

Check out the fabulous festive prizes you can win in this years event on our main forum announcement! What are you hoping for in your presents?

As always, we're keen to hear your thoughts so drop any feedback below!

Richard & Team


The new buildings look great. :D

Will any of the buildings from last year's Winter Village set be available this year?
If a "x2" special is followed by a "show 2", will that one show 4 tiles and yield 6 stars?
Apart from that I absolutely love the idea to replace the inca-style optic of watchfires by something else through upgrades. Please consider matching upgrades for ritual flames as well, it would be great if we could build something like medieval city walls with them.
An excellent job well done INNO, looking forward to this one, I just hope the upgrades for the Winter spire are eventually given on the daily quests?


Hi mate,

How are you?

Can you please inform us what are the 71 Quests, of the Winter Events Questline, that we should complete?

Many thanks


Hi mate,

How are you?

Can you please inform us what are the 71 Quests, of the Winter Events Questline, that we should complete?

Many thanks
That has never been officially revealed (for any event) on the forums. It is upto the players to find that info for themselves either by playing the game or looking up a guide written by another player

Thomas Covenent

Aaaaaand I'm at Quest 5: acquire 2 sectors (no alternative option)
Good job Inno, making sure to gak all over the players by forcing yet more C-map progress... I thought we had learned about this, but apparently not. -_-
You can make them stupidly expensive, like "Acquire 2 province OR donate 700-800 goods to the guild treasury". Yes that's harsh either way you slice it... but, the important part is, you're giving the players the ability to play the game the way they want to play, vs. just flipping the bird to everyone who is playing the game 'the wrong way' in your opinion by not constantly advancing.:mad:

Likewise, later one is a "Scout a province" w/no alt option...

So, for many of us, sucky event is sucky. So much for the holiday spirit, eh?!:rolleyes:

Also, it looks like it likely won't be possible to get a fully upgraded grand prize without diamonds, since you need to average about 1.9 candles per match.
Good luck with that everyone!