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Event Winter Event 2014


buildings that sit in inventories are never going to be upgraded, if you want to have any chance of getting the events special building upgraded then have the common sense to build it


yes i got ripped off too i placed a large confectionary from my inventory in my city today and it didnt work, was hoping for huge confectionary :(

no one told us it had to be in your city first. thanks inno

then tried to get another dang confectionary from the star prize n lost out.
BUT....... you must have accepted the quest first and then placed your large confectionary that you had in your inventory.

now if you had paid attention to the wording of the quest when it first appeared and it said sell your confectionary and the reward was a large confectionary then you should have thought something was not right.

you should not have accepted the quest without either

1) getting advice on the forum here or
2) placing your large confectionary in your city and refreshing to see if that changed the quest to sell your large confectionary and the reward changing to a huge confectionary.

either way, the fact you've had a large confectionary sitting in your inventory and not used it means your not really desperately needing a huge one lol


to be honest i was still half asleep when i logged the quest this morn, bin working my backend into the ground was first day back on the 2nd.

but yes it sat in my inventory from last xmas, i like collecting stuff,lol

out the window with that one akkers, live n learn :)


hi will
i know it finishes on the 5th, what time im unsure

there are no more quests after the confectionary one


Well, I changed at least 3 large confectioneries for huge confectioneries and also chanted some ordinary ones for large ones, the only cities still needing to complete are those where I have been unlucky enough not to win any confectioneries - 2 out of 10 I think


so i should be ok if i do not spend my start in the next 4 hours 30 mins?

there is not much i want in the current selection


clicking start should be done every day

because you don't get today's 10 stars for clicking start if you don't click start :eek:


yh what test ament said start the game to get your 10 stars then keep them.

im assuming the prize is goin to change today tho cause the counters still going.


to be honest i was still half asleep when i logged the quest this morn, bin working my backend into the ground was first day back on the 2nd.

but yes it sat in my inventory from last xmas, i like collecting stuff,lol

out the window with that one akkers, live n learn :)
I was also a bit on the sleeping side when i logged in... but none has to guess wich quests appear each day, even less when the last day of this event is tomorrow (not today). Better information would allow us to collect our goodies, even if we dont need them, its still nice to have them around (im a colector myself). Ive been playing for quite a while but didnt know anything about having to have the confectionary in the city before today, even less since tomorrow is the last day of the current event.

A list of the quests for each day would have helped out i guess...


if you did place the large one after that quest, it meaned that the large one was a year idle in inventory. This huge confectionary is absolutely a great reward, but not the best in winter event. And if you did put the old one a year in inventory, why place the new one?


So the wiki page for the Winter Event shows Confectionery as the Special Prize for the 3rd AND the 4th !!

No new prizes tonight then !?


According to the timers I see (the daily prize one and the overall event one) there will be one more reset, which will last for around 14 hours instead of a full day. I'm not sure if the daily prize (or the other prizes with it on the board) will change but I'm pretty sure it'll stay the same, just means another 10 stars for that last reset.


Any stars you have unused at the end of the event will disappear, make sure you spend as many as possible as it's better than nothing! :)


Well, as far as I can see, it will be the confectionery again tomorrow to give as many people as possible another chance at completing the quest, if I remember rightly, this was the scenario last year as well. I was actually wrong when I said I only had 2 cities left to complete, it was 4, but managed to get another one done this morning, leaving 3 needing to be lucky tomorrow.

I always try and ensure that I place any premium buildings that I have in inventory into my city as soon as possible after I have won then. Other buildings I am not so bothered about unless they are more advanced military buildings

This has left me with a collection of various buildings in my various inventories - 8 on one world alone from this event so far with another chance tomorrow


i've really enjoed this event, i had no great expectations....a champ retreat, a rogue hideout and a reno kit was my wish list. i ended up with 6 retreats, 1 hideout and 2 reno kits so thanks INNO for another great event.


ty for all these wonderful presents,

got 1 king, 1 queen, 4 shrines, 3 renokits, a computer games company, a festival tree, for 180 diamonds a casino, and not to forget the huge confectionary.

By far my best event ever, love these cadeaux...