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Do Not Suggest: Winter Bakery: Set Building to Building Chain Conversion

Would you like this change to be implemented?

  • Yes

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • No

    Votes: 2 66.7%

  • Total voters


Proposal: Change the newly introduced Wintery Bakery 'set' into a chain-type event building. Currently it operates like a normal set, such as the Piazza or Harvest Farm, whereas it was clearly visually designed to be placed side-by-side, forming a promenade. If it were changed to an event building reflecting the same mechanic as the Winter Train and Hippodrome, players would be able to fit it more easily into their cities, which are already cramped (at least for long-term players)

Some Advantages:
> Aesthetically pleasing! (Even Isabella, the event quest giver, hints at having the bakeries side-by-side upon completion of one of the quests!)
> No awkward placements within the city, especially with road placement
> Addresses and fixes one of the major complaints with the event building
> A simple, but effective method to improve and promote event buildings many players are choosing not to build (can only make these EBs more appealing for diamond- spenders to purchase/overall buff for a very mediocre building with great potential)

Have I checked the Forum for Similar/Same Idea(s)?
I have checked both this forum and the beta forum, and have found no proposal such as the one I am putting out at the time I am writing this. There are however, many complaints about the way building must be configured for efficiency, which this proposal would fix.

Reason: One of the main complaints about the new EB is the way it must be placed and configured to obtain the maximum boosts for all the bakeries. Having this change saves the already very limited space of the player's city. It also enhances the way a city is visually viewed, which although some players may not care for, is one of the best parts of playing a city builder type of game.

Details: Much like the other chain-type buildings (SoH+RtV, Hippodrome, Winter Train etc.), the bakeries would not have to be adjacently, rather having them side-by-side would provide the bonus. For example, a chain of Gingerbread-Macaron-Gingerbread-Marzipan-Macaron would provide the full bonus for all 5 buildings. (The original loading screen chain for this event can be used for a visual). It would function slightly differently from the Train and SoH --those buildings require just one tap to collect everything that is chained. The bakeries should still have their collections separate, somewhat similar to how the Hippodrome Carceres and Sphendone have seperate collections but both benefit from the chain. This change does not involve any new mechanic, rather very slightly altering an existing mechanic to enhance the playing experience of players both in terms of visual aesthetics and city efficiency.

Balance: This change does not bring upon any game-breaking mechanics or advantages, it merely primes what is already given to the player.

Abuse Prevention: Not really any form of abuse this change would allow players to exploit, it would only allow players to fit slightly more buildings into their city/use less space placing these EBs into their city.

Bakery.png Visual: 4 bakeries placed side-by-side in the original promenade-style.

I'll (hopefully) be making edits and improvements to this proposal according to comments and other suggestions, as I really want this idea to pull through. This does not completely make the Winter Bakery buildings very good, but it certainly is, at any rate, a significant improvement.