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Winter 2020 Feeback

Thomas Covenent

Great results, easy and productive Event. I've no idea what the problem is as it's all gone rather swimmingly for me.
It's an easy event for sure, and some might decide that the Winter Train is worth the space. (though the Hippodrome destroys the Train in terms of overall value)

However, the 'bonus' bitz with the Reindeer + the advent board especially are just a slap in the face & offer basically just garbage for a rather substantial sum of diamonds...
The so-called "grand prize" is also a complete dumpster fire as the size of the Bakeries make them far too unwieldy to really slot into existing cities, while their stats are pathetically weak for what is basically a 10x6 monster if one wants to activate all the bonuses. (...or else you settle for a 5x9 brick to activate just 1 Bakery @full bonus + 2 others with just 1 bonus)


Stopped playing the event after i had 2 lvl 1 bakeries and 10 upgrades, won 6 setinal tower ugrades, and a train cart as daily specials. Poor event in my opinion i got out of it what i could without spending diamonds, the raindeer prizes are very laughable considering you have to pay for them,, Revenue may be down on this Xmas event compared to previous events..
Final feedback on the event from my perspective:
1) Special Event buildings were mediocre at best. Definitely good for lower Age players, as it would help them with Population issues, but the size and bonus' given were only so-so for the footprint the Bakeries would take up
2) Prize structure to build the Special Event buildings was fair, 2 full Bakeries and one upgrade (or two depending on luck with incidents) short of a 3rd Bakery.
3) Daily Prizes were relatively good. Most I would not use, but I was able to get the balance of Kits needed for Winter Spire (still not sure if I will build it), as well as a fully upgraded Train. Was all dependent on chance of course, but a player who saved their Stars for particular Daily's would have a reasonably good chance of getting what they needed.
4) Reindeer Sleigh - I think most players would disagree with me, but a rare option for Pay-to-Play players (or those disturbing diamond farmers) to get a little something extra. Nothing out of this world was offered, but it was reasonable. Why should everything go to Free-to-Play players. Would not want to see this happen too often, but at Christmas time, a little extra bonus for Pay2Play seems fair.
5) Advent Calendar - really did not like it at all. First off, nearly all the prizes were of very low value and the only real reason to play it would be for the Calendar Collection Reward. On a scale of balance, it was not worth participating in, except for the odd Calendar Key, or getting lockpicks if the Daily Prize offering was also of very low value. I basically saved my lockpicks until the end, and then took the 3 FP offerings and a couple other items that were of some value to me.
6) The length of the Event was a little longer than I liked, but I think that would basically because there was no real desire to achieve anything in the Event, other than getting a Charcoal Train for the Attack Bonus. Once I had it, there was little left to do - Reindeer Sleigh-strike out, Advent Calendar-basically strike out, Daily Prize-once I had the Charcoal, only item of any kind of interest was 1Up kit as I plan to Age up in the next day or two.
If I had an over-all rating, probably just a 6/10. If the Winter Train Kits had not been offered as a Daily Prize, than 4/10.

I have looked towards the Beta for the 2021 Forge Event, and unfortunately, it appears also to not have much to offer, beyond some of the Daily Prizes which can be quite decent. The Special Event building, like the Winter Event, (as it currently appears) is also quite mediocre and I will most likely sell it - but as with the Winter Event, at least the Population bonus will be good for the lower Age players.

Any Empire

Final feedback on the event from my perspective:....
1) Agree, though even for lower age players, a huge footprint. Think they're better off building up their GBs then wasting space on bakeries.
2) While I have already sold them all at the AD, for thinking to future events, would have liked to see 3 achievable (not guaranteed, but achievable) without diamonds.
3) Got a 2nd train, and cars for all 4 of my cites, so pleased overall. DS's will continue to be most attractive for lower-ages, and that's appropriate.
4) Agree in part. The reindeer are a discount coupon for those wanting to pay with diamonds, and that is totally fine. What is wrong is that the discount was mediocre, and the prizes largely useless. A Christmas event should at least have good value for money; Reindeer purchases were not worthwhile.
5) Terrible idea, but one that is replicated on other Innu games. I would not waste a single FP on buying a Calendar key, let alone a diamond.
6) The length was fine, and seems to be a recognition that even for the many folks who play daily, they can’t play 24/7 Which is why I’ll never bother with St Paddy’s event as currently designed.

Same: overall 6/10, without trains, 4/10
I acquired all the sent stuff I wanted & bagged 3 battle bakeries (which I didn't care one way or the other - so extra stuff) - Nice event for all the goodies I managed to get.