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Winter 2020 Feeback


It's a bit late for suggesting improvements to an event that's already gone live. Comments are about the only useful things so the same mistakes aren't repeated next year.
I mean exactly, its not like they needed us to explain obvious feedback, I mean look at how many pages on both Beta AND live it took for the pvp tower to be reverted, every year for Winter even its been the same feedback about the Sleigh, you collect nine dailies to make it get to nine, then leave it alone because 3k diamonds for basically nothing will never be worth it to anyone.

Many events have had feedback explaining how bad the main building is, like this one, yet nothings done about it. This thread is usually just to chat about the event and topics around it, yet I see my comment got deleted for being "off topic" in a thread, discussing about the event where I was discussing about the reindeer placement, and how its missing the snowy effect the Tavern used to give it when it snowed in game. It was just an observation and correction.

Speaking of dailies, it is interesting we only get 2 from it at a time, it could have been five, then at least it would take 2 dailies to make up for a missed day. The whole calendar idea seems to be 100% based on diamond spenders spending diamonds on bad dailies that no diamond spender would ever go for. Like medals. And then its 500 -50 per lockpick for a single missed day? lol.

It should have just been a free thing. Logging in daily and opening a new door, there did not need to be keys at all. It should have just been a celebration thing. Now the Winter even has two monetised things about it that are terrible. The main building for free players will be useless as you can't get three main ones maxed. The calendar daily login could have been a useful help if it was free.
Christmas is a time for good cheer and charity towards your fellow human being...
Well this event is nothing more than an extortion for players to buy diamonds.

Seriously poor...in the words of one of the FOE videos: ' seriously pants!'
I have to spend how much diamonds to get bakery set fully levelled up????? Flip me!
So we don't get a key to unlock a box everyday....well that will take a long time...oh wait what you really want us to do is buy the picks to open the boxes...well since the rewards / prizes are seriously poor...dream on

When I first started managed to pick up 5 lock picks from daily and incidents....thought let's open a few boxes then....ah...you need 10 lock picks to open 1 box...seriously?
Oh I forgot the sleigh in main screen...so once full you then still have to buy it for nearly 3000 diamonds!!!
...and if that's not enough, if you don't buy it, you get penalised by no more goods being added once full!
...and the dailies ...for 2 lock picks....please get real!

View attachment 22259
I did one daily for the picks - I wasted that day's prize - what the heck are 2 lock picks good for - LOL
The sleigh reindeer are enough to IGNORE - Now we need to IGNORE a calendar of locks.

As stated by myself and so many others - These events are nothing more than a money grab. The Only boosts we can't get bamboozled on is the coin/supply boosts. All the attack & defense boosts are being negated by the algorithms running the battles.


Come on, Inno, where's your Christmas cheer?!!

Ridiculous prices for poor rewards, rubbish advent calendar (I agree with others who said it should be a daily log-in prize), poor lock pick set-up and greed shining through the snow. Very Scrooge-like.

After the awful year we've had around the world we really need little pockets of fun to look forward to and the Winter Event should do it's best to be one of those moments.

Millions of people have been stuck at home for long periods, playing games like Forge more than usual because there's little else they've been allowed to do. Haven't you made enough money off them during that time?

Thomas Covenent

Well, as craptacular as this event is, it's also not like this is anything new... having played this game for 4 years now, the Winter/Xmas event has *always* sucked the big one!
Sure, last year's Trains were 'decent', but overall, due to the god-awful presents mechanic, it was a complete crap-shoot if you could manage to get all the cars you wanted to make the Train itself go from a solid 'B' tier building up to an 'A' tier one...

On the bright side, overall this year has been beyond generous with the event grand prizes, despite it also being 2020! I mean, we've had;
1. Olympic Treasury + Lv1-2 Sentinel Towers in Forge Bowl
2. Hippodrome in Soccer Cup (...seriously, this thing is beyond bonkers insane, and it's crazy that Inno didn't nerf it!)
3. Gov's Villa in Summer (...which BTW, on beta was initially crap, and then Inno put it on steroids as they over compensated on buffing it!)
4. Harvest Fields in Fall (...Hippo-what-now?!)
5. House of Horrors + Asylum kits in Halloween
And even the Lv.2 Celitc Forest set from St. Patty's Day was pretty decent! (at least on-par with the average Train)

So we get a total wet turd in an event where we've come to expect nothing but crap. Overall we've made out like bandits for the most part, with some of the most powerful buildings we've yet seen.
If anything this dumpster fire of a Winter event, plus the upcoming very lackluster looking Forge Bowl event, (...but OT kits should appear as a daily, so there's also that!;), simply means more time to overhaul our cities & remove sub optimal buildings, and keep our fingers crossed that the St. Patty's Day event will drop a real gem. :D


Current progress...

Quests done

38 Main quests = 380 stars
Quest bonus @38 quests = 170 stars
Incident stars (5 days) = approx. 50 stars (10 per day)
5 Daily quests = 100 stars

Total 700 stars

Keys found = 5 (1 per 140 stars)

Lockpicks acquired = 8 (averaging 0.625 per day)

Quests to do

27 Daily quests = 540 stars
Incident stars (27 days) = approx. 270 stars (10 per day)

Total 810 stars


Further keys found = 6 (1 per 140 stars, total rounded up)
Further lockpicks acquired = 17 (0.625 per day, total rounded up)

Event totals

Keys found = 11
Lockpicks acquired = 25

Advent calendar days opened = 13 out of 32

Assuming 1 diamond = 1p for simplicity (although it's not until you spend nearly £50 that you get this exchange rate)

To open remaining calendar days = £17.00 (100 per day)
To claim reindeer sleigh = £29.95 (2995 diamonds)

A total of £40 to "complete" this event

For comparison, a PC game is around £50 and you're asking for £40 to buy the rather underwhelming rewards just for this event.

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
This thread is usually just to chat about the event and topics around it, yet I see my comment got deleted for being "off topic" in a thread, discussing about the event where I was discussing about the reindeer placement, and how its missing the snowy effect the Tavern used to give it when it snowed in game. It was just an observation and correction.
This thread is a feedback thread. The feedback thread isn't for chatting about the event and topics around it. It is for giving feedback. A CM has to go through it to gather the feedback. Last thing she needs to do is wade through several pages of posts with chitchat, with the chance of missing actual feedback. For that reason there is a second event thread where you can chat all you want.


I have asked to use that for just to chat about the event and topics around it.

The Lady Ann

Master Corporal
Really? I was after ww shrink kits for my 4 fighting diamond mines the other day and got 24 of em. You must be doing something wrong.
no you were just really lucky, the shuffle button makes this a game of chance, some win big and some get next to nothing

which make this a very unrewarding event for those of us who like to use strategy to 'beat' the game


Its a giant RNG fest event, even if you spend diamonds you can RNG into nothing by revealing everything but 2 presents, and those last 2 is the daily and the shuffle, and you click shuffle, there goes 140ish stars down the drain for no reward.

Getting a lot of dailies means you got lucky, its 100% random, you can't plan out with a diamond coach and pick the best chance, you are entirely at the whim as to what is behind the presents. Getting lucky here means you can actually go forever - 14 stars - daily - shuffle. If you did that every time it shuffled you'd run out after getting like 80 dailies.



So I said screw it to dailies and decided to just go for a key daily, but I gotta say, why has every door so far been garbage? lol. Would think at least something behind a door is going to be good sometime ;-;


I don't do Facebook...vile vile vile....how can normal (pre life-sucking apps) people have an equal opportunity to get the same rewards?