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Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback


Dream on :-)
aerosmith ?
No, you posted the time ONE player needed.
I'm definitely NOT going to keep track of how much time I spent on it.
if i didn't had that player who gave me this info in the "serious" list, i wouldn't post it here, i personaly didn't want to spend diamonds on this event because i aim for summer/fall , i had a small temptation because of the main building, but other than i personaly not a fun of this style, i also got the info on the time and felt even "colder" about it.
now if it is 3hours for some, 2hours for others, and 4hours for others, it is still a lot isn't it ? unless we are brainwashing people and we call it "mini-game" LOL.
and as for the brain/strategy , we all see how many people play GvG and how many GbG (but pls no traps).
what strategies, people want rewards, and inno puts a 3h barrier for those who do it manualy.

maybe it is worse than St Patricks bcs of the time needed and only. now skill or not, thats personal oppinions everyone can like it, or not, for whatever reason.

over and out !
In the vain hope that Inno reads or cares about the feedback, I’m not enjoying the event at all. Some have referred to the skill required for the mini-game but with no consistency to the boards at all this event still depends on dumb luck to gat any chance of earning paws. There’s not enough coin rewards to buy the bonus features which is the only way to get paws. I’m afraid I’m giving this one a fail.


Warrant Officer
I don't mind the challenge of working out the best way to drop items, but, so far:

There are far too many boards with one or no paws on them

There are far too many boards that start off with individual coloured blocks next to each other on the bottom row needing practically all 25 moves just to clear them regardless of whether a prize can be got or not, or many boosts used instead.

Too many boards (even if they've had a couple of paws) become 'empty' with around 7-10 moves left.
This often means not enough moves to drop another prize (even if a chest can be made) and unable to end the level without pointlessly wasting those remaining moves.

The amount of wildlife coins needed to buy boost packs is too high

Now, I'm not one for insisting on getting a full Event building so I'm fine with that, but the actual Event gameplay is very clunky, too random and quickly becomes boring to wade through.


Warrant Officer
The best booster packages needing 1230 wildlife coins are only obtainable with diamonds which makes this event very P2W.
Event quest rewards of only 10 wildlife coins are a joke, they need to be at least doubled.
Agreed, but I also have no problem with a mainly P2W Event.
There are so many Events now that one or two tailored toward paying players doesn't bother me, Inno have to get revenue after all.

Perhaps they should offer the boosts as incident rewards instead of wildlife coins?



e-mail gives a lot this time


The only e-mails I have ever had from Inno are payment confirmations.
Looks like i'm not registered for anything else, do I need to set an option?
mmm, nope, it should be in the same folder as the payments.
if any moderator can help on this, please do, i might be missing something ?
for the upgrade, use to be the grand prize was every other one - Now ►
The grand prize is at every 3rd position - you need to change it to every 4th now - you'll get more people to buy it.
Last edited:

Paladiac the Pure

@Lady Marlena
Why are tickets not awarded as a prize for missions?
No tickets in incidents either.
Tickets do appear in incidents, though coins are more common. You just have not had the fortune gods smile on your incidents yet - or maybe you are not collecting all your incidents, in which case you could be losing a number of potential tickets and coins.