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Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

Paladiac the Pure

Best event ever, rewards skill and has great prizes
Imagine you meant to say that as sarcasm, since there is basically no skill involved, it is almost entirely RNG. If the RNG gods smile, you will get pawprints - if the RNG gods do not smile, you get nothing but a waste of time.
The prizes for the Chests are okay - but the primary game focus, the pawprints - is very, very poorly executed.


My initial feedback for this Event is POOR. 9 tickets, 22 pawprints, 2 boards with ZERO pawprints displayed.
Zero for fun
1 for inventiveness
If it were not for a decent Event Building (which I have been told based on my average of 2.5 prints a Board, which should be more around 5 per Board), I would be skipping this miserable Event. Especially if my average Prints per Board = a couple upgrades short.
See what it is like after another week or so. For now, I can honestly saw YUCK.
On the plus side - definitely see ZERO reason to waste a single diamond on this Event. Will look forward to the Upgrades eventually appearing on the AD.
Worse event ever, too slow to do
I agree this is as bad as the St Paddys Day Fiasco!


If we wanted to play Tetris we would play Tetris I for one hate Tetris this event is for the braindead only must of taken all of 1 minute to develop this idea! More fun to be had licking windows which is what will happen to you if you do this event for any length of time!


here is what a multi world big spender told me as for the time this event drains

"40mins- 2 grand prize upgrade. so, 1 building is 7upgrades=180mins. 3 hours for 1 building."

it's a lot folks, personaly, even if wanted to buy diamonds, this makes me not to.
Awesome event. 2 days in, and I've already got 7 DS (3 menageries, 4 sentinel upgrades), and I'm one paw off of the second grand prize. I am still on quest 9.
Update: I've now got 44 47 paws, and one 2 more DS.
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To everyone saying this event is mostly luck, if you can get 90% of the paws on the board down and you still have few paws, then it's truly had luck. Otherwise, improve your skill.


Thinking ahead 4 or 5 moves and visualising how the board looks takes skill imho.

Yesterday I switched the daily special and got Sentinel Outposts, today SO upgrades (great rewards) with the great Eagle Mountains to come.

I agree that it takes lots of time but I am prepared to put that in. The wish for easy rewards, quick development should be resisted by Inno; I have been playing for 7 years so remember the more difficult years.


That's ludicrous - how are the developers and other Inno staff going to get paid? The game you enjoy (I hope) is funded by those who purchase diamonds.


how are the developers and other Inno staff going to get paid? The game you enjoy (I hope) is funded by those who purchase diamonds.
not by making me spend my beautiful money + 3 hours to get 1 eagle mountain ?
or that's the "skill" we are talking about ?

PS anyway, i am not a big spender, they will hear it from the them directly.
as for the funding, if you ask me, they could get payed without creating such unbalance in the game, you also agreed to that if i understood correct. unless you meant it the other way.

i just posted the actual time needed for a max building, it's huge and even if i was willing to get in and buy/spend diamonds, i won't bcs of it.
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I do so wish they'd stop with the "build your giant supply building" quests, cause at this point we have so many event buildings you'd have to use store building just so you can actually do a quest/event...

Sure they are easy quests if you have space, just rather annoying. The quest may as well say "click here to spend coins and supply equivilent to buying and selling one of your buildings 4 times" and we'd be set :)

on the event itself, Why is the cap so low for stored tickets? What happens if you miss a single day of playing, does that just like disqualify you entirely from the main prize? Which seems once again designed badly with you having to spend a LOT of time in game. The chcests idea is like "hey, we need a way to give people useless drops while also making the minigame take longer and be harder".

Even if I was a big diamond spender I'd hate this event entirely, the only reason anyone will do this event at all is because for once there is actually a good main prize building.

What does "Wildlife" have to do with connect 2 but designed in a terrible way?