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Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

klods hans

sounds interesting. Is it like a 1970's Hemi Cuda with spinning wheels?
Haha, not really. Lol :lol: Spinning car wheels would probably be more fun and challenging than spinning a wheel of fortune though.

I've requested more action packed mini games. Old arcade style games like pac-man or space invaders. Racing games could be fun too. Or platform jumping games.

The summer event has a pirate theme and a boring wheel of fortune mini game. Those two things don't really have anything to do with each other, except that the fortune wheel looks like a vintage ship rudder. It would be more fun if you had to steer a pirate ship through troubled waters and board merchant ships. Actively, of course, not just by clicking on unmoving obstacles and rewards.
It's the same with this wildlife event. What does matching blocks have to do with wildlife? The mini game should be about hunting - or protecting - wildlife. A shoot animals - or protect animals from shooters - game. Not just a blocks game clone with paws.
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Well i thought the Wildlife Event was fantastic. I won a barrowful of rewards, loads of cash and a warehouseful of production things. The end prize of getting to level 7 of the Mountain was achieved in all 3 of my cities without having to spend a fortune in Diamonds. The event was exciting and seeing a box of rewards fall into the collection bucket at the bottom of the gamescreen was a great buzz, especially when 3 or 4 came one after another. Great work team, lets have a mark 2 Wildlife Event soon.

Chief Mog

I miss the minigame! I wasn't very good at it at the start, but my strategy improved over the course of the event.

I managed a fully upgraded mountain in all my cities, without spending any diamonds, and I have a few base structures and upgrades spare (considering holding on to them and waiting for AD upgrades, or simply flogging them in the AD - have not decided yet)
Ha, yes, just to clarify, I meant 'end the level' as in just click on any group randomly until all moves are used
Hi, ok, thought so but ...
I've done that but, what a waste of moves! I did get Bear Mountain but I didn't reply like the gameplay! Prefer the soccer, at least you have the choice of player prizes!
All the best,