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Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback



is this a governors villa .. ?

Thomas Covenent

...well, at least the grand prize - namely the Eagle Mountain is fething amazing?!

I know they nerfed the number of tickets mid-run on beta, yet they've delayed the Live server release to rebalance the supposed beta rebalance, so hopefully we'll still be able to get 1 fully upgraded Mountain Reserve for free.
(...unlike the last Elvenar event, where it got nerfed into the ground and was basically all but impossible to gain a full reward sans dias and/or stupid amount of luck with the RNG!)


Brains? In matching game?
small/young brains :D

at least, hopefully, they will have to do their own choices instead of helper telling them where to click.
but, with 5.000 euros, wherever they click, they will make 5-10 max buildings haha

maybe some uno or something with tables between players next time ? maybe poker is too much, dunno if it could be allowed aswell, but uno or something could be a good idea ?

pls no "bubble-bubble" next event :D:D


I'd like to see some more fast-paced retro mini games like Pacman or Space Invaders, that requires a bit of skill.
not enough pac man on GvG ? :D
i said of uno (card games) because i've read many times that "it is a family game" whats the point having father and kids playing alone pac man .. ? idk, thats how i see it.
i personaly wouldn't spend money on any of the current events, as events, i only spend when it comes to prizes...
so, other than the "oh this is less boring than the others" (but boring), no event so far good enough for me to say "10/10" or so.
for a card game, but for adults i'd give 7/10 if it has to do with skill and brain, all the rest are events for prizes, not "souvenirs" to remind me a joyfull event !

Evil Noob

i've been playing this game for over 7 years and this event seems a big improvement in the right direction when the outcome more or less depends on your choices.. if you think about it and play the matching mini game correctly you get better results.... it will be less depending on luck, time you spend in the event or how fast you can click...


Lieutenant Colonel
Such a shame - this used to be a grown up game. First we get silly badges to add to our profiles, then childish cartoonish graphics on the loading screens. Now we get silly baby games throughout FoE. What next - dancing unicorns to welcome you every time you log in?
Whatever, will wait and see to collect "color guard" or "medals" every events. FOE never disappoint us on getting those every events.

As a fact, GrandPrize is little tempting to spend diamonds.


Whatever, will wait and see to collect "color guard" or "medals" every events. FOE never disappoint us on getting those every events.

As a fact, GrandPrize is little tempting to spend diamonds.

curiosity kills the cat !!

IMHO, it will be the colorful event of FOE, though it is having strategy to make us suffer.