Why people complain about attack and plunder

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    Apr 27, 2012
    See, it's just like I said: Some players insist that it's a war game. :rolleyes:

    In any case GvG is not related to plundering, which is the topic of this thread.
    Plundering is also not like it would be in a war game - as Gate2 herself has noted elsewhere.
    That's because FoE isn't a war game. It's a city-building game, with some battle-like sidelines thrown in.
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    Nov 27, 2013
    Well FoE is not a war game of any depth that is for sure but it is also wrong to say its just a city building game with some extras. It is what you want it to be whether that is a nice looking city or one filled with barracks for fighting (obviously many fall in between these two extremes). This is something I like about the game as it caters for more than one playing style.
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    Mar 6, 2013
    I my largest city points wise, I tend to attack most of the players in my hood on a daily basis and have done for some considerable time, if there are goods/coins/supplies left lying around I tidy their city up by collecting them, however, if the city is tidy, I do not generally go back and look for plunderable items later in the day. I admit I am a wargamer but also like to build cities so this game has the best of both worlds for me

    At the moment I am stalled on map advance as I need to develop better troops but the research costs are horrendous as you get to higher ages i.e. 110 forge points or more for a single technology so with other commitments can take up to 10 days to research a single technology
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    May 14, 2014
    Further to your thread being attacked
    I am the wrong era being attacked by tanks and rockets all I can defend myself with is Muskets & cannon.
    Administrator says nothing can be done.
    I am attacked at least once an hour, with no chance of defending myself
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    Aug 22, 2012
    hi roy and welcome to the forums. unfortunately colonnial age troops have little chance against PME troops. have you recently been moved into another hood.?

    there are a few different threads regarding this
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    Feb 2, 2013
    I can see you guys argue whether the game is a war or not war games, but the truth is its both. The only thing that should fixed here maybe the balancing sa random selection for setting up people neighborhood in a certain AGE/ERA. Like a neighborhood should only stick on a same AGE/ERA after Iron AGE. because its not really fun when there is 3 different ERA/AGE in the neighborhood.

    Like in our neighborhood, I am only at High Middle Age, and I attack/plunder all people in Late Middle Age and Early Middle Age, I really find easy attacking people at Early Age and Kinda bit challenging for Late Middle Age. Most complainers in our neighborhood are in my same age and Late Middle Age, they even reported me for bullying or blackmailing which I didn't do to them. I attacked/Plunder them on my daily playing activities. I did try to negotiate but they declined, Well for me Harvesting plundered goods was always better than Motivating my House/Supply Building because it costs both right?

    I don't know if my playing style is wrong because I am worried if I can get banned for being so aggressive warmonger and some people asking me not to attack/Plunder them I only replied to them "we should have Peace Negotiation" (which includes demands and rules). I am not really sure if this is illegal or not, I am playing in this world last July 2014 (3 months from today), And since I entered Early Middle Age last August, I receive a lot of threats from Guild leader and some players in my message box but I intended to ignored it because I am thinking that they still don't know are the possible game style of the game to play yet.

    I played Civilization V, and the game has included a Diplomacy features which FoE doesn't have. I play FoE with the game preference of Civ V was it bad? Although I am not complaining really, I am just curious and worried because most of people that hates my guts and playing style, calls it bullying and blackmailing. And they message me that they reported me about what I've done to them, not only them but their guild leaders too. Was it bullying and blackmailing? I know its really bad to do it because everyone who does it, gets ban-hammer in this game.
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    I see nothing wrong with how you play this game, plunder and negotiate away you won't get banned for that. I also plunder when I see there are goods to plunder, otherwise I don't mind and I certainly don't check back every 10 minutes to see if their goods are ready. Unless someone has plundered me first, then we have a little plunder war which can also be fun. I never attack guild mates of my plunderers though to get back at them as they have nothing to do with this. All in all everyone has their own style of play and as long as you don't threaten or harm people in real life over it then it's fine and within the spirit of the game. :-)
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    Apr 13, 2012
    AGREED and we have been saying this to inno for well over a year and nothing every comes back from them, its seems our views on this matter are of no interest to them :(

    Nothing wrong in that playing style, you being a lot nicer than many players in that you offer a option of peace. For the first 6 months I lead every tower in server A and during that time you only got medals from PvP. I would every single day take out 80 players and plunder all I could including going back to check on players whom had nothing I could plunder. Its very fair and just part of the game. Another player had no troops and 6 goods buildings, I had no goods buildings and about 10 troops so the only way i could get goods was by plundering.

    Strangely I gave up most of the plundering/PVPing when the GB's were given out and players started to amass massive medal totals, much bigger then mine but they had only 200 battles v's my 3000.

    FOE is a war game and a city building game, so you can play at war, at city building or even mix the two

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    Jan 28, 2013
    This is exactly my point. It is disheartening and puts me off, to be quite frank. Those with wishes to be "evil" characters should play another game.
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    Mar 1, 2016
    Maybe you should find another game if the aspects of this one are unpalatable for you!
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    Mar 1, 2016
    Yes it was wasn't it, but the aspects have remained the same; getting plundered seems to cause such great emotional distress for some though.
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    I'm not going to tell anyone that if they don't like plundering they shouldn't play. It'd be far better for the player if they can use the opportunity as a learning experience that can be used in other areas of life as well

    Rather I would give them some questions to ask themselves:
    1. Why are you so upset at losing things in the game?
    2. What's the worst that could happen?
    3. What would be required to overcome/counter the plundering?

    Now the worst that could happen would certainly have been worse back when the thread was created due to the neighbourhood system changing since then to only current age neighbours for the most part. But there are ways to get around plundering if you understand what can or cannot be plundered
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