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Why do we need to spend 23 forge point and 600 Diamonds to build multistory houses?

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This is totally stupid, it costs us 23 forge points and 600 diamonds to research the "Multistory House" at the start of the middle age, as far as I can tell this is the only building in the entire game that you have to use diamonds to build, all theother take either gold or resources. Why are we being forced to use diamonds to build these houses? :mad: Can someone please fix it in the next update so we can build these houses without having to buy diamonds, that way they will be the same as all the other buildings offered?


Do like most of us and leave it there. It's not a requirement to keep going in the tech tree and it has a horrible gold return, not worth it IMO. Stick to the frame house or roof tile house until you unlock the brownstone house.

Build a few domicile or clapboard houses if you desperately need more villagers.


Actually - it is just like the Villa in the Iron Age, it is a premium building you have to spend diamonds to build, I think this model of spending the diamonds once and having the technology is a lot better than spending them for each building... one of the suggestions I have offered is to make all the premium buildings like this as extra dead end technologies that can only be researched for diamonds rather than a cost per building.
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