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    Aug 20, 2014
    Hi all,

    Whoelseisin are offering a laid back approach to game play.
    No minimum requirements as it stands.

    We only expect you to be true to your word and come online once a day if possible to motivate, polish and sit down in taverns.
    If you check for trades every now and then, it would be a bonus.
    Participation in the guild expeditions would also be a plus as it helps all guild members if we progress there as well.

    Participate in the message threads and see where you can possibly help other members.

    We offer FP swap threads to get GBs working quicker and give the rewards to those who contribute.

    If you come online regularly but don't want to feel too many obligations, then this is the guild for you.
    Send an in-game message to falkster or any of the other members to receive an invite.
    At the time of writing we have 13 members and are growing.


    Who else is in...? :)