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Who needs diamonds?



As the name suggests we are a no diamond guild. We have built a successful and happy guild with the extra challenge of using no diamonds. Any diamonds we win in quests are spent in other worlds. At the time of writing we are rank 27 on the guild leader board.

We have NO requirements for players wishing to join. Whether you have 100 or 1,000,000 points, everyone is welcome.

All fair trades are taken as soon as they are seen, this stops players lagging behind because they don't have particular goods to hand. Fair trading rules are as follows; 1:1 for same age goods and 2:1 for goods one age apart.

Our new battle wins competition is proving quite a hit with forge point prizes being awarded every week.

We also have a GB levelling system in place should you wish to level them quickly.

For an invite please respond to this thread or message any of the following in-game; George838, Eric the Brave or mellesande.

Happy Forging
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Wow, first nondiamond guild that's actually getting somewhere. Wish I had an actual city there.


Me too! Diamond players don't have the brain-power to work out basic problems so buy their way out of it...

How dull......:rolleyes:


I can imagine all kinds of problems enforcing that. How do you get the diamond expansions without using the game given diamonds? How would you know if a guild member did? What about that guild member with a GB, did he buy that last bp with a diamond? How would you know.

I admit to a reluctance to make unenforceable rules in any guild but if it is working for you then I'm impressed.


Let's put it this way: if it looks like you're spending diamonds, you will be shunned from the guild :p


Thanks Mozzer.

Gross, I'm not the leader so my answers might not be 100% accurate but I'll give it a go.

How do you get the diamond expansions without using the game given diamonds? You don't. You get the ones you can without diamonds. Medals, the tech tree and the PvE map all give expansions.

How would you know if a guild member did? There are only so many expansions available so if a guild member had more than he should have it would be obvious. Early on maybe not so much.

What about that guild member with a GB, did he buy that last bp with a diamond? How would you know. There is no way to know for sure unless they really took the mick.

I think the simple truth is; people in the guild have no need for diamonds, we get on just fine without them. I can't imagine a diamond user would want to join our guild. There are over 1000 guilds in Arvahall, 23 higher than ours so why would they choose ours over another guild? I also can't imagine a diamond user would be happy with just buying expansions or BP's they would also want to build the better buildings.

P.S. Blacksmith I have edited the picture as it was too large.


Wow, first nondiamond guild that's actually getting somewhere. Wish I had an actual city there.
The guild which domiated Dinegu for nearly a year, The Assassins, was a strictly non-diamond guild as well. At some point they had like 9 of the top10 players I recall. They reciently lost most of their high end players tho and there is a new power guild in that world.
I am the Founder of "Who needs Diamonds" the name came about as no diamonds was taken but I think I like this better. I started it purely as an experiment as I already have another guild in Dinegu "Dark Warriors" which takes up a lot of my time.Early on George838 joined and was promoted to Leader as he is a prolific player. What a good decision that was George has almost single handed made the guild what it is today. The team of players we have are a very happy and helpful crew, partly I believe because without Diamonds there is no financial pressure to be the best. I have seen the questions how do you know if anyone uses diamonds - simply you don't apart from what was said above, mainly it is an honesty thing and gives a lot of respect. We are not the largest guild and I never imagined we would get this far my aim at the start was to be in the top 100 one day.
If anyone thinks this is the guild to be in give us try.


If you are still recruiting I would like to join your Guild.


On the 22 Sept 2013 "Who needs diamonds" is 1 year old.

I joined the guild in December 2012 and was immediately given the leader position, by our Founder Erik the Brave, just due to the fact that I had the most points. This policy still applies today. We have just gone through our hardest period of the summer quest where the temptation of diamonds was just to strong for 5 of our members. With the circus being the biggest tempter for the members we had to ask to leave. This has made our guild now even stronger with devout non diamond players. We have had a few travellers that have come and gone but have come back finding that some of the guilds on offer just cant compete with our trade turn over, GB new build time and general friendliness and help. We have a good mix of warriors that win Towers every week and a happy batch of traders that have built a very efficient and effective town.
Tomorrow is our 1st anniversary. do get in touch if you want help, advise and fun whilst building your empire to the highest level just through game play only. It can be done!


congratulations and happy birthday!
i'm curious about one thing - if you (accidentally) won diamonds on the summer event wheel, presumably you spent them in other worlds. but what if you won a premium building - do your rules permit you to place it in your city?

Billy the Fish

No Jampots, our rules do not allow the use of premium buildings, even those won on the summer event wheel. Which caused quite some consternation among some of our members... hence George's comment about the circus. Oh dear.

But it does mean we're open for recruiting to celebrate the guild's birthday this weekend. Happy days for those active Arvahall players who wish to join us now!

And it's a great to be part of the exciting challenge to build such a strong guild without any diamonds at all.


I joined WND just over 5 months ago and I must say it was the best decision I have made in FOE, the guildies are so friendly and responsive to trades, battle questions and city growth, When it came to getting GB's I figured it was a numbers game and filled my friends list with the players who were in the age of the GB I wanted to get BP's for and bame within 2-4 weeks I had full blueprint, then George made the good's available to me. I played several MMORPG's over the past years and this guild beats them all hands down.
So if you want to play FOE, progress and not use diamonds this is the place to be.

Kimba Lioness

Yes what a great idea, its nice to see such positive comments towards diamond use, they do help give players an edge but are not needed to progress through the game at all, lovely to read :-) kim.