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When leveling a level, new level is the same as the one that I have just leveled


  • World: EN6
  • Browser and Version: It doesn't matter; it is the same in all browsers and all versions...
  • Overview of the bug: When you finish the GB level, the same that you leveled, is shown as new level, and the level you finished is missing. After around 30 minutes, the levels get fixed: leveled level is now shown, and new level is increased.
  • Screenshots:
    1, level before finishing ...
    2. after finishing level, it is the same!
    3. we add FP to this level
    4. if I go one level back, you can see that level from picture 1. is missing:
    5. after around 30minutes, level is reset:
  • How often this occurs: It can happen multiple times per day, it is random. But it mostly happens when I level other player GB's.
  • Urgency: It is urgent! Because when this bug happens, you are leveling the same level again, that means that total number of FP is the same as previous leveled level. And when you secure your place, with half of FP's, after 30 minutes, when levels are "restarted" you have invested less than half, and your place can be taken,
  • Preventative Actions: What can I do? First I must check if level is the same as the one that I leveled. And then wait 30 minutes for levels "restart".
  • Summary: When leveling a level, new level is the same as the one that I have just leveled.


This happens with this bug:
When me and xxxixxx started new level, 4063FP was the progress of "new" level. We added correct amount of FP.
After "half" an hour, GB was reseted, and new level was 4164FP.
And xxxixxx was overtaken, and she lost a lot of FP. Not fair!!